Silver Ribbon Trust Women campaign

Silver Ribbon Trust Women campaign
January 22nd-February 22nd marks Silver ribbon campaign to Trust women month.

While campaigning for Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama met Dr. Sophia Yen, a pediatrician and women’s health activist, who had one very important question “Where do you stand on reproductive rights?” Obama responded, “I trust women. Period.”

That’s how the Silver ribbon to Trust women campaign began. The campaign consists of 42 national and local organizations, all of which are dedicated to securing women’s reproductive rights and fighting the war on women.

Any non-profit group is welcome to team up with the Silver Ribbon Campaign to trust women, as long as they support these women’s issues:

-Be supportive of reproductive rights

-Be supportive of free access to birth control

-Be supportive of keeping abortion legal and accessible

- And last but not least Trust Women!

There are numerous ways to be a part of this project. I have already participated in the first two of these.

-You can add an “I Trust Women” banner to your Twitter profile or change your Facebook picture for a month, from January 22nd (the anniversary of Roe v. Wade) to February 22nd.

- You can buy a silver ribbon pin with the words Trust Women stamped on it, by donating $5 to the campaign. If you cannot afford to make a contribution to the campaign you can make your own ribbon.

-You can tell your abortion story, or read the incredible and empowering stories told by other women of their abortions.

-You can participate in one of many reproductive choice events happening across the United States this month.

In addition to the month of awareness, 2012 begins the first ever Trust women week from Jan 20th-Jan 27th, coinciding with the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

Partnered with MoveOn. org, Trust women week allows you to join a virtual online march for women that will collect the signatures of all that sign up and be presented to Congress to show that women should have easily accessible and affordable health care, including full control of their own reproductive rights.
When you sign up you can choose between 6 statements you want made to congress with your signature. They are:

- I trust women and I vote.

- Reproductive rights are human rights.

- Keep abortion safe and legal, and make it accessible and affordable.

- Stand up and be counted for reproductive choice.

- We are the 99%. Fix the economy and stop the attacks on women’s health.

- Contraception is prevention.

You can join the march along with me and thousands of other women here:

And you can order your silver ribbon pin like I did, with a $5 donation here:

Above all else, Trust Women!

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