Sparkly Beaded Hair Bobbles- Cross Weaving

Sparkly Beaded Hair Bobbles- Cross Weaving
beaded hair bobbles

While this project is for hair bobbles, the beaded beads that make it can also be used in other projects. They are inspired by a common Japanese design for "beaded dumplings".

You will need:

  • Elastic cord- 1/16 inch round

  • 48 5mm Czechoslovakian fire polish round crystals

  • size 11/o seed beads

  • Strong beading thread- I used Fireline

  • beading needles

  • scissors

These are made with 2 needle cross weaving. Each bead uses 12 fire-polish crystals. You will make 4 beads for a pair of hair bobbles.

With the fire polish crystals-

Cut a piece of thread that's a comfortable working length, and put a needle on each end. String on 4 beads, then with one needle, go through one of the end beads in the direction opposite of the other thread and needle. Add 2 beads on one side, and one bead on the other, then take the needle on the side with one bead and go through the second bead on the other side in the opposite direction of the thread coming out of it. Repeat.
thread path-2 needle right angle weave

Then you'll close it into a cube by adding a bead on both sides, then going through the bead on the bottom to close the strip. In my diagram, the beads added in the last step are greyed out, showing just the beads added in color.
thread path-closing right angle weave strip

Seed beads-
Add 7 sb on one thread, take it diagonally across the center of a 4 bead unit, and go in the bead so your needle and thread are on the same side you started on. On the other needle, add 3 beads, go through the center bead of the 7 beads added, then add 3 more beads going across the fire polish unit diagonally, put needle and thread through the bead the other needle are coming out of in the opposite direction. Repeat for the next 3 bead units, leaving the sides of the right angle weave unit plain. In the diagram below, the start/end crystals are in color.
thread path- crossing right angle weave units

Now you'll tighten up the sides by running your needle and thread through all 4 beads on the side twice. Knot off securely in a few places, and cut thread. Repeat on the other side.
thread path- side of beaded dumplings

Make 3 more beaded beads.

Cut 2 pieces of elastic, about 10 inches long. Thread the elastic through two of the beads, and tie ends in a square knot.
square knot

It will look like this-
how to make a hair bobble 1
Trim the cord and pull it through one of the beads, put the other bead centered on the other side of the cord.

Tie an overhand knot in the middle of the elastic. Repeat with the other 2 beads and cord.
how to make a hair bobble 2

One of my favorite things about this technique is that it's easy to size the bobbles. For my daughter, who has very thick hair, I start with a longer elastic for a hair bobble that fits her hair and attitude perfectly.

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