Wrap Bracelet Instructions

Wrap Bracelet Instructions
Wrap Bracelet

This wrap bracelet is made with a satiny rayon cord called rattail. You can find rattail cord at your local bead store or at fabric stores. It also uses a strong thread. I like K.O. or Sono beading thread, both are strong enough to use single strand even on bracelets which get a lot of abuse. They don't split easily and come in several colors.

You will need:

  • rattail cord- mine is from my vintage stash, and approximately 1.5 mms.

  • faceted crystal beads- 3-4 mms

  • pearls- same size as the crystal beads. Mine are inexpensive dyed pearls.

  • strong beading thread- I like matching the rattail, a contrasting color could be interesting too!

  • beading needle

  • Super Glue or Fray Check

For the length of your bracelet, double your wrist measurement, and add 6 inches then double that. (2 x wrist +6)2

The clasp is a ball and loop clasp. The loop is made from the fold on end of the cord, and the ball is made following the instructions from the Sparkly Beaded Hair Bobble without the seed bead overlay. Make one ball. I used the pearls for mine.

Rayon cord can't be heat sealed, but can be sealed using a drop of glue or Fray Check. Seal the ends.

Now you'll make your rattail frame for the beading. Fold the cord in half, and make an overhand knot one inch from the folded end. That's your loop.
wrap bracelet tutorial 1

On the other end of the cord, make another overhand knot 4.5 inches from the end, and a second one about a half inch away from that.
wrap bracelet tutorial 2
Slide on your beaded bead, and tie a square knot on top of the bead.
wrap bracelet tutorial 3

square knot

Now tuck then into the bead, and seal the square knot with another drop of glue.

wrap bracelet tutorial 4

Now that the frame for your beadwork is done, you'll start the beading.

Plan out how you want your beads distributed. Since I didn't have many pink pearls, I used a pink pearl every 4 beads. Thread your needle with a piece of thread that's comfortable to work with. Tie one end around one cord leaving a tail to weave in. Then you'll go around that cord with your needle and thread, and up through a bead, around the top cord, and back down through the bead. Slide the needle under the loop of thread on the cord, and then bring it along side the cord and put on your next bead. Hold the loop of thread under the bead while you wrap it around the top cord, back through the bead, then pass the needle and thread through the loop from the other side. Tighten the thread. Continue adding beads this way until you reach the end.
wrap bracelet tutorial 5

When you reach the end, knot the cord off around the rattail, and weave back through the beads tying a couple half hitches around the thread, then trim close. Weave in the other side the same way.

The cord I used was from my vintage collection of cording. It probably started as a bright white, but has mellowed through the years to the soft white pictured. If you'd like to learn a lot more ways to knot using cord, including some gorgeous knot and loop closures for wrap bracelets, I really recommended Suzen Millodot's books.

Amazon.com affiliate links don't affect your cost, and provide extra income to me personally, which helps support my book addiction.

The notebook used in the photo is one I decorated. Instructions are posted on my blog- Don't Eat the Paste

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