Live Blood Analysis by Dark Field Microscope

Live Blood Analysis by Dark Field Microscope
Youve got to be asking whats this have to do with stomach issues. Well, the cure for the disease is all in the correct diagnosis. We need to explore the possibility of dark field live blood analysis (DFLBA) to understand what we are up against in our health challenges. This diagnostic tool gives us the opportunity to see firsthand those things that we are told do not exist by conventional medicine.

Most often when you go to an alternative practitioner they will be talking to you about microbes and parasites. You may walk out the door thinking this guy is nuts! My doctor never talks about such things and everyone knows that people in the USA don't get parasites unless they travel abroad.

DFLBA tells the truth and we all know that a picture says a thousand words which is what I really need here. Down to the nitty grit.

Most people who have chronic health have parasites or other microbes affecting their health. The Dark Field Live Blood Analysis attests to the truth.
These parasites may not be large ones, they may be microscopic. They may be invading your white blood cells. They may be wrapping around your red blood cells. They may be doing untold damage that has not been diagnosed. These parasites are not strep or staph or the bacteria your doctor generally uses antibiotics for. They are stealth, extremely small and invading areas of you blood and body that conventional medicine has no diagnostic tool for. They are the microbes that are behind most of our new diseases like fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue, gulf war syndrome, and even cancer. Yes, and I mean cancer.

This has been known for a long time in the naturopathic realm. Dr Royal Rife was one of the first to tell us that cancer is caused by a virus. He had one of the most powerful microscopes in the world at the time and even to date it is far superior to what any routine medical lab possesses. When Rife saw the microbes he developed a way to kill them. For this he was initially praised but eventually he was run out of the country and died a broken man at the hands of the AMA and their brutal witch hunt... Now we all know there are no such things as witches and what was done to him was akin to the Salem witch trials and burnings. They burned his lab to the ground.

Now, though the reading I have done it is clear that many of the digestive issues that people suffer from are caused by microbes that cannot be seen, do not respond well to antibiotics and they eventually, if left unchecked will kill us. Many people die each year from Crohn’s disease, stomach cancer, ulcers, esophageal cancer etc. All these diseases are caused by microbes and one of the leading villains in this act is the fungus and obscure microbes that conventional medicine cannot and refuses to see.

This fungus can often be visualized with the DFBLA microscope circulating in the blood. These microscopes are connected to a video so you watch on a TV like screen. You can see all your blood cells in action, moving about. You can see systemic Candida, a fungus that causes many cancers according to Dr. Tullio Simoncini of Italy. A visit to his site will show you his treatment protocols for cancer focused on killing fungus. He has cured a number of incurable cancer cases buy attacking the fungus, not cancer.

In gut disease the culprit is often candida albicans. Candida can overtake the walls of the intestine causing a pathogenic state to the whole body. It creates what is called leaky gut syndrome as large particles of food and microbes pass though the gut wall into the blood. Candida invades the blood stream and moves to other body locations like the stomach, the esophagus, the prostate, even the toenails. When the Candida is challenged it causes a massive change in the terrain of the tissues and cancer ensues. These fungus cells as well as other debris from the gut can be visualized with the dark field microscope in the blood. Cancer cells can also be visualized.

The main cause of Candida over growth and leaky gut syndrome is the use of antibiotics and steroids. Antibiotics cause a mutation in the Candida making it tenacious and difficult to control. When it latches on to the wall of the gut it damages the tissues. Steroids create an environment that represses the immune system so that Candida can further go out of check. The two together can be a deadly combination prepping one for a death to come years down the road from cancer.
The Dark Field microscope can see many pathogens in the blood and other living tissues. In the related links below I am presenting a video from the Ergonom company who makes these microscopes in Germany. Although it is an advertisement for the microscope they present these hidden microbes I am telling you about so you can see firsthand for yourself. They present what Dr Royal Rife likely viewed and named the BX virus, that causes cancer.

Now you may be asking, why have I not heard of this before? Why does my doctor not use this?

The FDA has not approved the dark field microscope for diagnosis in medical care. Therefore no insurance will cover this form of diagnostics. It is not taught in medical school. It is widely used in Germany and other European countries and by naturopaths, chiropractors and alternative thinking medical doctors in the USA.

This form of diagnostics can reveal the health of the blood cells and other conditions in the body. It can determine nutritional deficiencies by the appearance of tissues. It can monitor the changes of living cells when exposed to different foods, medicines and toxins.

I hope you are getting a glimpse of how important this form of diagnostics is...and be sure to watch the video found in the second Related Link below.

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