Anti-aging Cure with Herbs

Anti-aging Cure with Herbs

A new product is on the market called Protandim that touts its ability to significantly reduce oxidative stress. The studies on this product are more than impressive. They are amazing! And if ever you take time out to read an article on health this is the one! There have been many studies done on Protandim’s ingredients over the years and as well as the studies done on the total product that reveals remarkable findings. CBS, ABC and Dr Sanjay Gupta have reported or written on this product. You can watch the CBS report below found in related links.

The research on this product was done by the distinguished Dr. Joseph McCord, 4 time noble awards nominee, winner of other prestigious awards in science and the discoverer of Superoxide dismutases, commonly known as S.O.D.

I have been using and have researched most of these herbs independently over the years. The studies suggest that using these herbs in tandem will provide synergistic effects that will have profound anti-oxidative stress properties. The video also suggests that if you use this product you will not need many of the other anti-oxidant vitamins you may have been taking so there is a cost savings here to you,

Let’s go through the ingredients individually.

Curcumin – this herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is associated with a reduced risk for colon cancer, is helpful for some in arthritis and a multitude of other inflammatory conditions. I have been taking this herb for 3 years for its protective benefits for the colon.

Silymarin – commonly known as milk thistle extract is known for liver detoxification and modulation. It is frequently used for Hepatitis conditions, skin disorders and an is found in a multitude of detox products.

Bacopa – this is an East Indian herb used to ward of brain degeneration and dementia, promotes learning memory enhancement by regenerating neurons and synapses in the brain and improvement in children with ADHD has been noted in studies

Ashwagandha – relaxes and reduces stress and at some dosages may help with insomnia, sexual enhancement (you know its then having a positive effect on hormones), strong anti-oxidant properties, it may reduce blood sugar levels therefor helpful to diabetics. It also promotes SOD and levels glutathione. Promotes vascular dilation with its formation of nitric oxides.

Green Tea Extract – well known in the orient for many centuries as an anti-aging herb. It may help with arthritic conditions. Studies show that it can lower cholesterol and inhibits cancer cell growth. It is associated with weight loss and is found in many weight loss products. Recent studies have shown that green tea can also promote the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut.

Bioperpine - 5mg made from black pepper it facitlitates absorption of the ingredients. Studys show that for cucurmin, it significantly increases its absorption.

Protandim costs $50 for a month’s supply.

In my retirement I cannot afford this product for me and my husband and I suspect that many working people these days cannot either. But you can make your own and I will tell you how. If there is one herbal supplement to take this is the one. Although this is a patented product three times over there is no illegal act committed if you formulate you own for personal use. I warn you, do not try to market and sell it though. The lawyers will come after you.

The proprietary Blend is 675 mg:

Silymarin 50 grams, (seed part) #8475 $9.90
Bacopa 50 grams. (Bacopa monnieri - aerial part) #408.0 $6.50
Ashwagandha 50grams, (Withania somnifera - root) #8335 $8.75
Green Tea 95% Extract 50 grams, (Camellia sinensis - leaf) #8298 $5.95
Curcumin 95% 50 grams, (Curcuma longa - rhizome) #8550 $17.50
Bioperine 1 gram, #8660 $2.50

If you purchased the following you would have enough ingredients to supply yourself with 250 days of supplement at a cost of $51 plus some shipping. That’s about 5 months of supplement instead of one month for the same price.

Bioperine can be taken as a separate tablet if you like, to be taken at the same time of formulation. This will give your capsules a little extra room for herbs. You need 5mg tablets of bioperine and it is commonly available at Beyond a Century or other vitamin distributors.

Likely the dosage is not critical. I would mix all the ingredients and stir well. Get some 00 gelatin or rice capsules and start stuffing them. You can purchase a capsule filler on line. Beyond-a-Century provides a small spoon/scoop and they tell you how much of a scoop = so many mg.

Each of Beyond a Century bottles specifies a suggested dose so look at their bottled products of these ingredients.
All the order numbers are provided above to purchase at Beyond a Century. Make sure you have the correct standardized extract.

CBS report:

Protandim Vidoe Facts and Download Here

CBS Video Report

Beyond A Century - Start Ordering Your Herbs Here

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