Cut the Rope - Kindle Fire

Cut the Rope - Kindle Fire
Cut the Rope is an amazingly fun puzzle game for the Kindle Fire. Rather than blocks or bubbles, here you get physics puzzles with swinging candies on ropes.

Cut the Rope Kindle Fire The image on the right shows one of the starter puzzles, so you can see how the basics work. You have a little green pet named Om Nom. Om Nom lives on candy. You have to cut the ropes - with swipes of your finger - to get the candy into his mouth. The candy always falls down, just like in real life. So you have to figure out which ropes to cut, in which order, to have it fall into his mouth.

Along the way you want to collect gold stars too. So the puzzle gets even trickier. You want to get the candy to swing in the proper arc to snag the gold stars.

In this example, you would first cut the very top rope. This causes the candy to fall straight down a little, and get that first gold star. Next, you cut the rope on the right. Now the candy swings left, to get the second gold star. Finally, you cut the left-most rope, and the candy, now only attached by the bottom rope, swings through the final star and into little Om Nom's happy mouth.

The puzzles of course get FAR harder than this along the road, with bubbles, cutting devices, and far more intricate items appearing in the mix. The game does a great job of building skills as you go, helping you learn what you need to do. And of course you can retry a level as many times as you have to until you figure it out.

There are no "mysterious hidden wizards here" - it's all straightforward logic. This is a great skill for anybody to learn, whether they are 8 or 88!

The only downside I see (besides its highly addictive nature) is that it's all about eating candy. Really? In our day of obesity? Surely they could have fed him moon rocks or something else. It didn't need to be reinforcing a constant diet of candy.

But with that one minor caveat, I love the game, and highly recommend it for all ages.

I bought this game with my own funds for the purpose of doing this review.

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