Are PDAs Still Around?

Are PDAs Still Around?
Smartphones have largely taken over the handheld computing space, yet PDAs are not completely extinct. There are still those using PDAs for personal and work functions. So, what is the difference and why are users still opting for a PDA when smartphones do all the same functions?

The initial price of a PDA can be slightly higher, but over the life of the PDA the price often becomes cheaper than a smartphone. Ongoing contracts and the data place costs for smartphones are things to be calculated when deciding.

Connectivity would be another difference. Smartphones of course connect via a cellular network. With the wireless data plans smartphones are able to surf the Internet from anywhere the signal strength is available. PDAs do not use cellular networks due to the simple fact they are not phones. PDAs do, however, have the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Using these types of connection you can then also use your PDA making calls using programs such as Skype..

Many businesses like keeping phone and work processes separate. When you use a Smartphone and it is lost or stolen so is everything business related. Whereas when you have both a cell phone and PDA when one is lost or stolen there is still the second device to keep you connected and working.

PDAs and smartphones often use the same types of operating systems. What this means is that they each support third-party software that increases the functionality of your device. For PDAs they are considered add-ons and are usually customized to a particular function or business. For smartphones that are considered APPs and can be found to be fun, organizing or functional.

Overall, there is not a solution for everyone. PDAs are being traded in for smartphones each day. There are strengths and weaknesses to be said for using one or both. The choice is yours!

I do see a day when PDAs will be a thing of the past, like the 8-track. It just has noth happened today.

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