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.mobi Guidelines for Creating a Mobile Website star
You will find .mobi guidelines to assist you in creating your mobile website.

12 Days of Christmas APPs star
This is the season to remember and be filled with joy. My smartphone is filled with color and lights.

13 Types of QR Barcodes star
There are thirteen different types of QR Codes. These types range from simple text messages to G.P.S. codes. This week we will look at six QR codes.

13 Types of QR Codes ~ Part Two star
There are thirteen different types of QR Codes. These types range from simple text messages to G.P.S. codes. This week we will look at six QR codes.

6 Must Have Android APPs star
There are several ‘must have’ Android mobile APPs that everyone should have. These APPs make using your smartphone easier and fun.

Apple's iPad Loosing 30% Market Share star
Predictors say that 148 Million iPads will be sold by 2015. Predictors are also expecting Apple to respond to the pricing competition by releasing entry level priced models.

APPs for the Election ~ A Must Read star
Election day and voting is a privilege. Voting is meaningful so be sure to vote! Here are some APPs you might be interested in.

Are PDAs Still Around? star
Smartphones have largely taken over the handheld computing space, yet PDAs are not completely extinct. There are still those using PDAs for personal and work functions.

Are U APP Ready? Small Business Need To Be star
Small businesses need to get involved with the Smartphone revolution in a big way. Talking to small business owners I hear phrases like, ‘my customers do not use smartphones’ or ‘I do not own a smartphone.’

Become A Pioneer & Blaze Your Trail star
Blaze your business trails to find gold. . .Become a pioneer today!

Brief History of Palm star
A brief history of the Palm. Includes the founding of Palm, its spin offs, and its mergers. Mentions a number of related companies.

Businesses Need To Get Mobile! star
Mobile APPs are the focus of PDA’s today. Focus is rightly placed on the applications that today’s smartphones use. Flurry analytics has brought to light many astounding statistics that businesses need to take notice of.

Can an eBook Reader be a PDA? star
Choosing a PDA can be challenging with all the choices afforded you today. Here you will find ways to minimize the challenge.

Cloud Mobile Computing, What Is It? star
Information is downloaded fast and accurate into our mobile APP’s and working seamlessly. Cloud mobile computing is changing not only how companies write programs but access them.

Create a .mobi or an APP? star
.mobi ~ What is it? .mobi is a file extension that has been around for a few years. Many do not realize that it is around nor do many fully understand what this actually is. So let’s explore this file extension.

Definitions Made Simple star
The definition of computer is important because all smartphones are actually tiny computers inside a cell phone that is being used as a PDA.

Do You Text? star
In the US it is estimated that 93% of all phones (known as a dungeon phone) have the ability to send/receive text messages. In addition, these phones are turned on at all times.

Droid vs Android star
Android Mobile Phone Platform is open source and independent developers have taken hold of this treasure and exploded. Google chose to allow the free market to drive their development and product and the results are strong and compelling.

Flurry Analytics & US Congress star
Flurry Analytics is far different from Google Analytics. Google has very robust analytics that the consumer and businesses are gravitating towards and where they differ is their focus. Flurry focuses on APPs solely and then compares them with other forms of communication, such as Internet usage an

Goals & Your PDA star
Create, Track and Complete your goals effortlessly with any PDA or cell phone that has a calendar! I have consistently worked with those three points in mind and call it the ‘CTC´ method.

Google's Android or Apple's iOS? star
The two most dominant operating systems for the smartphone market are undoubtably Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Happy 4th of July APPs star
Fireworks, BBQ’s and fun are represent the 4th of July for Americans. The question is, is your smartphone ready for the 4th of July? So I thought now would be a good time to get everyone out there ready both in the kitchen and on the social network highway.

iPhone4 ~ Lawsuits Filed star
Apple & AT&T are feeling the heat from the Android market. Their fear and haste seems to have caused these companies to release a product not ready for the market.

Mobile PDA's star
Today’s PDA is a mobile PDA that has more functionality that ever dreamed of. The problem that exists today is narrowing down the functionality required for a specific business function.

PDA & eBook ~ Help People Remember You star
Using your PDA and eBook Reader you can help people remember you. So many times steps can be easily achieved and quickly with tools we carry everyday! Below are a few things that will make people remember you and how your PDA and/or eBook Reader can assist.

PDA/eBook Reader Newsletter from BellaOnline.com star
The PDAeBook Newsletter from BellaOnline.com is a weekly newsletter that lets subscribers know when a new article has been posted, weekly news, new contests as well as winners from previous contest. Please visit the PDA/eBookReader site on BellaOnline.com for useful Help and Information.

Small Businesses & the PDA/Smartphone Revolution star
PC’s seem to be losing the battle with Smartphones. A new statistic states that sometime in 2012 there will be more smartphones shipped than PC’s and laptops combined. That is a startling prediction by those businesses who have just discovered how effective and necessary web sites are.

Small Businesses & the Smartphone ~ A MUST READ! star
Small businesses are the backbone of American society and they are folding at record numbers. So if you own a small business or know someone that does please read this article and then pass it along.

SMS Marketing Tips star
Email and print mail are marketing tools of yesterday. Tomorrow's Marketing Technology Today is SMS marketing and the potential is large and everyone enjoys forwarding great offers or interesting news to friends, family and colleagues.

So What's The Difference? PDA or Smartphone? star
What is the difference between a Smartphone and a PDA? Is it important to know the difference?

Super Bowl 2012 & Mobile APPs star
Mobile APPs are changing the way consumers watch television. Mobile APPs will continue to play a key role and businesses will need to continue innovative with their marketing approach. APP creators will also need to learn and guide their customers down the correct path.

Take a Texting Quiz star
Texting also has a language all of its own. There is a dictionary for all the most common terms. Let us take a simple test to see how text savvy you are.

The Mobile Revolution is Here! star
Mobility is the key in today’s world. There is not question that people love the mobile world. The very nature of mobile devices make the anytime-anywhere features irresistible.

What Is In A Word? A Glossary of PDA Terms star
The PDA world has their own vocabulary. I have put together some of the most common words and their meanings for you. The definitions should help you understand more of the PDA lingo.

When To Create An APP star
I love the smartphone mobile APP’s revolution going on today. There are so many great APP’s on the market. Just last week I took my heart rate from a mobile APP on my Smartphone! Last count I had 46 on my smartphone and look for new ones frequently.

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