Human Beings Are A Virus On Earth

Human Beings Are A Virus On Earth
When Adam and his wife first stepped onto Earth there were no sky scrapers or multi-story car parks. The world was new and abundant with provisions. Now the world is full of despair and many turn a blind eye. Human beings have become like a virus spreading across the planet.

Human beings are greedy, selfish creatures. While some are very rich and enjoy an extravagant life style others are dying from a lack of food and clean water. Do they care? Do they share?

The beautiful people swagger around in overpriced shoes and we aspire to be like them. The cost of a single pair of Christian Louboutin shoes studded with Swarovski crystals could feed three starving families for a year. Does a weeping mother watching her skeletal baby die from a lack of food care about fashion?

Billions of dollars are spent trying to find somewhere else in the universe to live once we have destroyed this planet. We have a perfectly designed world right under our feet we do not need to look for another home. And we will never find one for God created Earth for us to live upon. How does sending a robot to Mars feed anyone?

Money is wasted on totally pointless scientific project like the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. It has been designed to split an atom. Everything is made from atoms so what good is a split atom to anyone, does it ease our suffering? The human loves to play at being a god.

The financial cost of killing each other in war could be spent on legalising and producing cannabis oil. It has been proved that the oil will cure so many illnesses including cancer. Disease affects us all but as individually we are prohibited to grow the cannabis plant that could ease our suffering. Governments cannot tax it and the chemical industries cannot patent it so there is no profit for them. Human beings have to suffer and take toxic man-made chemicals that cause more harm than do good. All on the say so of a few individuals.

The elite in society feel they have the right to privileges denied to those who are less fortunate but they do not feel they need to share. Their money does not make them happy. They turn to drugs, alcohol or some other addiction just like everyone else and usually end up killing themselves or are murdered.

If human beings truly helped each other and shared what they had with those less fortunate everyone would benefit. Of course there are those who donate their wealth to charity but it is mostly done for show and not compassion; some people have millions in the bank and never share.

Writing books about witchcraft and magic may make the authors lots of cash but it does not make the world a better place, it only corrupts our minds. Any form of magic or witchcraft is forbidden in every religion yet human beings would rather sell their souls to Satan than submit to God. They make a fine profit that helps no one, not even themselves.

Movies about alien invasions or abductions are made to put fear into society. The more films they make the more people become insane and believe they see aliens or space craft. Reports of abductions increase yet there is not a single piece of evidence to prove aliens exist anymore than ghosts of the dead. If an alien did visit Earth human beings would kill it. We kill each other so what chance would a stranger from another planet have?

Human beings have become an overstuffed, self-righteous virus that destroys everything in its path. Animals and vegetation suffer at the hands of human beings yet God put everything on Earth to live together in harmony. We forget about God when the going is good but when disaster befalls then we cry out to Him.

Satan has become a god to most human beings but they are totally oblivious of this fact. The devil’s greatest achievement is to make human beings believe he does not exist and that we can do anything we like without any consequences for our actions.

Human beings have forgotten why we are here on Earth and that the Day of Judgement is to come. What are you going to say when you stand before God and He asks you, “Where was your charity?”?

Chapter 3, verse 92
You cannot attain righteousness until you give to charity from the possessions you love. Whatever you give to charity, God is fully aware thereof.

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