Primates - Monkey - Cages

Primates - Monkey - Cages
Check with your local and state laws and follow any mandates they have set for monkey cages and monkey enclosures for pet monkeys. This is a basic housing model for a primate habitat.

The cage needs to be big, the bigger the better. The height should be no less than 6 feet. Monkeys feel much more secure in a high cage. Hundreds of dollars is needed to build a secure and safe primate cage. Do not use anything less than a 12-gauge wire. Never use chicken wire. A safety entrance must be included to prevent the escape of your monkey. A safety entrance is an entrance with a double door. After the first door is opened, the door is secured before opening the second door. If the enclosure is going to be built outdoors, make sure a large portion of it is in the shade. A heated sleeping area must to be included. If the primate becomes cold, they have a place to stay warm. If the cage is build inside, make sure it is in a well-ventilated area. Monkeys need light to survive, so provide them with a Vita-Lites (replicates natural sunlight) Primates need this light for their skeletal development.

The floor of the cage should be wire, high enough off the ground so that the monkey cannot reached the food that has dropped to the ground. Another reason it needs to be high, so it can be raked and cleaned easily. The floor can also be cement or linoleum for easy disinfecting and cleaning.

The cage "dressings" branches, and plants should be changed occasionally to provide variety. Monkeys are intelligent and need a lot of variety. Please avoid use of toxic plants and branches.

Monkeys love to bathe, splash and play. If you can incorporate a pond into the outside cage, your monkey would love you for it. Keep it clean and sanitary! Do keep in mind this is separate from their fresh, clean, and filtered drinking water.

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