Monkey - Pet Monkeys

Monkey - Pet Monkeys
Monkeys are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. The only primate that is smarter is the human. It certainly takes a lot of thought if you are considering monkeys as pets. A monkey is a great deal like a perpetual two-year old.

A monkey can be impulsive, unpredictable, and excitable. They are very strong when they grow up. They will never adapt to living in a house. They are social animals and live in large groups. Socializing with just "their human" will never be enough. They will become lonely, leading to illness, and perhaps even die.

Monkeys' are cute and affectionate while babies. They can be very difficult to handle as they grow older. Monkeys have very sharp teeth. The Monkey that has never bitten anyone is rare. If it hasn't happened yet, that day well most likely come. They cannot be toilet trained.

It is very expensive to raise pet monkeys. It takes a lot of money to keep them happy and healthy. Their housing is expensive; proper nutrition is expensive, veterinarian bills for a monkey are astronomical (that is if you can find a veterinarian that will treat a monkey.)

The commitment you make when you purchase a monkey is a long-term commitment. It is no different from planning on becoming pregnant with a child. Though there is a difference. Eventually your child will grow up and live on his or her own. The monkey will never leave your care. Squirrel monkeys live an average of 15 years, the average monkey lives an average of 25 years, and the chimpanzee lives 45 years and upwards to 60 years in captivity where they have no natural predators. In the wild humans are the primary predator of the monkey.

If you want a monkey as a pet or any long-lived animal as a pet, it is your responsibility to make long-term arrangements for your companion pet, should you become disabled or die.

Check out the legalities of owning a pet monkey. The law or ordinance may be different from state, county, city, or neighborhood. Check what is needed to obtain a license or permit. Make sure you have satisfied those criteria before you purchase a monkey.

Consider pet adoption or exotic pet adoption when you look for a monkey or for any pet.

For generalization purpose this article's specifications will relate to a monkey about the size of a spider monkey to a capuchin monkey. Look up monkey breeders and sellers for capuchin monkeys for sale, squirrel monkeys for sale, macaques for sale, or chimpanzees for sale.

Purchasing a Monkey
Make sure you a prepared before purchasing and bringing your monkey home. Make sure you have found a veterinarian that will treat a monkey.

Do your homework to find a reputable suppler. You don't want to purchase a monkey that has been smuggled from Africa or South America that can make you ill and die. Only purchase captive bred animals. Primates can transmit disease to humans and humans can transmit disease to primates.

Check the animal's documentation and heath records. Make sure the monkey has been checked for tuberculoses. I would certainly have the animal checked by a veterinarian before buying the animal and subjecting your family to a possible illness.

Monkeys are agile, smart and have nimble fingers allowing them to easily escape from a cage or an enclosure. The enclosure needs to be large and constructed of strong materials. Never underestimate the strength or intelligence of a monkey.

It is worth repeating, the enclosure or cage needs to be big, the bigger the better. Monkeys feel secure in a high cage. Hundreds of dollars is needed to guild a secure and safe primate cage. Don't use anything less than a 12-gage wire. A safety entrance must be included to prevent the escape of your monkey. The cage must be locked so that nobody can let your monkey loose, hurt your monkey, or be injured by your monkey.

If the enclosure is built outdoors make sure a portion of the enclosure is always in the shade. A heated sleeping area must be included. If the monkey gets cold they have a place to get warm. The monkey's natural habitat is in warm countries. If the cage is built inside make sure it is in a well-ventilated area. Monkeys need light to survive, so provide them with light that replicates sunlight, an example Vita-Lites. The lighting is necessary for their skeletal development.

The floor of the cage should be wire, which is high enough off the ground so that the monkey cannot reach the food that has dropped to the ground or floor (spoiled or dirty). Another reason it needs to be high is to be able to rake and clean under the cage easily and also to clean the underside of the actual cage floor. If the floor is not wire, it needs to be a substance that can be cleaned and disinfected regularly, such as linoleum or cement.

The cage needs to be cleaned daily. The cage should be disinfected weekly with a disinfectant specially bought at a pet store, pet supply, or pharmacy.

The cage should be supplied with branches and plants that are not harmful or poisonous to the monkey. The branches and plants should be changed frequently. Monkeys are intelligent and need a great deal of variety.

Monkeys love to play, splash and bathe. Incorporate a pond into the enclosure for the monkey. He or she will greatly appreciate the pond. They need monkey safe toys to play with; rotate frequently.

Dietary Requirements
Variety is an important key to feeding a monkey. Feed him a commercial monkey diet, supplemented with fruits, cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole wheat bread, boiled eggs and insects. An example of insects, crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms. In the wild the monkey will dine on fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, insects, lizards, rodents and small birds. Supplement their diet with a primate vitamin mix.

Always supply the monkey with plenty of clean, fresh water and change daily.

Monkeys need a complete health exam once a year. They need their tuberculosis (TB) test to protect their health. Also, needed is a parasite examination and a complete blood screening. Check with your exotic pet veterinarian (that deals with monkeys) what vaccinations are required.

The lifespan of a monkey is considerable. Who will care for your monkey if something happens to you? Homes for monkeys are very difficult to find. You must make arrangements for your monkey far in advance of something happening to you. Who is going to care for your monkey if you should go on vacation? If you don’t intend on going on vacation how about an out of state funeral?

What will you do if your monkey bites someone? Their teeth are sharp and they bite hard inflecting pain and injury. You are legally responsible for your pet and any injuries he may cause. The health department will remove him from your custody, remove his head, and test him for rabies. You must keep him away from all strangers.

Monkeys do not adapt to new situations. Are you ever planning on having a child? How about a grandbaby? If you are a young person you have a long life ahead of you. You may go to college, the military, get married and have children. What are your plans for him or her if any of these events should unfold?

What I am attempting to get across is serious consideration is needed before purchasing a monkey as a pet.

Monkeys have sharp teeth, can be very strong, and can become angry. Some monkeys can be quite heavy and strong. They can and have caused serious injury. Any wild animal can turn on you at any time. Monkeys are not pets for children - EVER!

I am giving a very brief overview of monkeys as a pet. By no means is it enough information to make a decision to buy a monkey. With many exotic pet purchases the animals suffer. The cost of buying and raising a monkey is in its self prohibitive and monkeys are less likely to be bought with impulsiveness as with a hermit crab or rabbit.

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If you feel you are the right person and can be fully committed to having a pet monkey, please above all else, enjoy your pet monkey.

You will find monkey breeders and monkeys for sale under subjects and sellers that breed and sell everything from the chimpanzee, spider monkey, to the capuchin monkey.

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