President Obama's Support of Same-Sex Marriage

President Obama's Support of Same-Sex Marriage
Change is in the air and not too many are happy with those changes. President Obama went on record with his support of same-sex marriage. Many are wondering what impact this is going to have on his bid for re-election this November; especially since thirty states have banned gay marriage.

Was this a strategic move on the POTUS part? Or, was this something that just had to be addressed once and for all? There had been many speculations on whether the President was for Gay marriage or against it, since he did not make it clear {for many} his stance concerning the subject.

The right of gay and lesbians to get married has been a hot topic for some time now. It has made its way from the offices, to the churches, to college campuses and Washington DC politicos on various levels.

But what—if anything—has really changed? For many, a lot. The support of the President means a great deal. Yet, Obama, who believes that same sex couples have the right to marry, still—in accordance with his administrations legal stance—believes that it is up to each state to determine the legalization of such marriages for themselves.

President Obama has taken numerous hits and tongue lashings from both sides. Whether he agreed or disagreed was going to stir support and opposition from voters. In light of all that Americans are facing; is this subject at the top of the list of major concern, or a distraction for what ALL Americans are concerned with: Economy, Education, Gas prices?

For many, it is a big deal. They live it each and everyday. Facing criticism and exclusion because of who they are and what they believe. For a long time, it had been a taboo subject in the African American community.

Can we be honest? Can we really have a conversation where we expose the truth, speak the truth, and not get bent out of shape because of the truth or opinions of another?

For years, the African American community has placed a venomous tag on the subject of homosexuality. Yet, many of us grew up knowing that a choir director, piano player, deacon, auntie, uncle or cousin was gay; and that their “friends” were not our cousins or auntie or uncle, but their partner. We just didn't speak on it, because it was against everything we were taught in church, but yet, never allowed to discuss.

We are taught that God is a loving God, and a God that will punish those that sin and do not repent. We talk about the wrath of God and place level of degrees on certain sins, but want to judge and ridicule those who we feel are not acting accordingly. We were taught to judge no one, but to love all. So—where has the love gone? Where has the understanding ear and respect gone?

Allow me to state this here so that there is no mistake on where I stand (in case you were wondering). I cannot begin to judge someone on their life and how they live it. I am no one's judge. That distinct pleasure goes to my God. I have no right to tell anyone who they are and how they feel or what they believe. That is between them and God. Yet, I demand the same respect in turn that I give. Respect me for my beliefs and my life, as I do you. Whether we agree or disagree.

Communication is key to getting ahead and getting where we need to be. There is always going to be differences in the way in which we live our lives. Perhaps if we learned to talk about things and address them when they occur—we wouldn't have such discord amongst ourselves, and division in our communities and churches.

It clearly was not an easy decision, but a sensitive decision for President Obama; especially considering his daughters which helped to shape the President's opinion concerning same-sex marriage, in light of his and Mrs. Obama's Christian beliefs. He considered his daughters, Sasha and Malia, and the fact that they have friends who have same-sex parents, and how would he explain the treatment of their friend's parents, when he has taught them that everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly.

President Obama stated that his support of same-sex marriages would probably be a problem for those who shared the same Christian belief as he and Michelle. However, when he thought on his faith and the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us; he determined that he must follow the golden rule; that he would treat others as he would want to be treated.

There you have it. The President spoke what he believed and how he came to his decision. Whether we agree with him or not. Should this affect his presidency? It should not. It is his personal belief, and he has still left the legalization of the matter to each state.

There are numerous points of conjectures that we can list between the people and its government. We will never be all in agreement. There are various points we can find to disagree with the President on, or even agree. Yet, I suspect that there will never be a President that everyone will like or agree with 100%. When it's all said and done...we will see how people truly feel come this November.

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