Netted Barrel Shaped Beaded Bead

Netted Barrel Shaped Beaded Bead
Netted Beaded Bead

These large hole beads work up very quickly in tubular netting. They are self-supported structures made in layers. You will need to have some experience with tubular netting for this project. Check out this article on tubular netting.

You will need:

  • Size 11 seed beads in 2 or 3 colors

  • Size 8 beads- I used hexagons, but size 8 seeds will work as well

  • 4 4mm accent beads

  • Beading needle- I like size 12 sharps

  • beading thread-Fireline or Sono work best

  • scissors

The base bead is a simple tube. Start by stringing on 16 seed beads and tying them into a circle.
beads in a circle

After this, the diagrams are all shown flat, with the previous layers being shown faded and the current layers are darker.
Work around in horizontal 3 bead netting, add three beads, skip 3 beads, go through the next bead. When you reach the first bead, pass your needle and thread to the middle bead of the 3 bead section, then add the next round.
Follow the diagram to make 10 rows total including the first 16 beads. The seam beads are marked in grey. They are not shown on the following diagrams.
Net Bead Layer 1

First layer done. Pass your needle and thread to the beads that join the bottom round to the next row up, add 2 of the outer color beads (whichever beads you want on the outside), 1 size 8, 2 outer color beads, then pass the needle and thread through the next join bead on the previous layer. Continue working around following the graph. The first and last rows will have the size 8 beads, the rest will have size 11 beads. If you're using 3 colors, the second layer color is shown in white on the diagram. The layer is only connected at the top and bottom of the round, the rest is worked loose around the base netting.
Net Bead Layer 2

Now it's time for the 3rd and final layer. Pass your needle and thread through a size 8 bead, add 2 outer color beads, and a size 8, 2 outer color beads, then pass through the next size 8, repeat around, then follow the netting on the graph, use the 4 accent beads on the center row, to the last row which will be connected by using the size 8s on the previous round as the center beads of the row.
Net Bead Layer 3

Weave the ends in, and knot off securely several times, cut off and burn thread.

The center hole of these beads is pretty big. I used a similar bead on this lanyard which has 2 strands of 2mm cord through it.
lanyard with beaded bead
I learned the knots used in the lanyard from The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots.
Check out my review of Diane Fitzgerald's Netted Beadwork.

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