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Pet Monkey - Choices - Exotic Pets
Monkeys are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. The pet monkey, at least in my opinion is also the most difficult animal to keep as a pet. It is very expensive to keep a primate happy and healthy. A monkey that does not bite is extremely rare and their teeth are sharp. Monkeys are impulsive, unpredictable, and excitable. They can never be toilet trained. Monkeys should not be kept singly. They are social animals and socializing with you is not enough. I believe the socialization needs of a monkey make it very difficult to successfully rear as a pet. They will become lonely and become sick or die. Having a monkey is like having a 6-month-old baby (basic needs) or a toddler (intelligence and agility) but for the next 20 to 40 years. The capuchins monkey is a popular pet monkey.

Monkeys for sale and monkey breeders at bottom of page. Be very careful when dealing with pet monkeys for sale advertisements and websites or monkey breeders. Never send cash. Make sure they have a USDA permit. It is a very good idea to pick the monkey up in person instead of having the monkey shipped.

The cage or enclosure needs to be big, the bigger the cage the better. Do not use anything less than a 12-gauge wire. A safety entrance must be included to prevent the escape of your monkey. Monkeys need light to survive, so provide them with a Vita-Lites (replicates natural sunlight) Primates need this light for their skeletal development.

Variety is an important key to feeding a primate. Feed him a commercial primate diet, supplemented with fruits, nuts, cooked vegetables, wheat products and eggs. They also enjoy insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms.

Monkeys need a complete health exam once a year. They will need a TB test to protect their health and you and your families' health. Also needed are a parasite examination and a complete blood screening. Find out the vaccination requirements for monkeys.

Monkey's are like children and can get into anything. Watch medicines, poisons, anything that is dangerous to a child, is more dangerous to a monkey because he can more readily get into things.

Be sure to check with your state, county, city, subdivision, and other local government agencies to see if primates are legal. If they are in fact legal in your state, it may be illegal in your county, city, or even neighborhood. Many regulations have changed lately. Even if you think it is legal it may not be.

Please do considerable research before you purchase a monkey. If it seems like I am trying to persuade you away from buying a monkey as a pet, I am. With many exotic pet purchases, animals suffer. Luckily the cost of a monkey is prohibitive in itself and is less likely to be bought on a whim.

***Much more information about the pet monkey in my article Pet Monkeys. Learn to care for the monkey.

Baby monkey pictures
baby monkey pictures

Monkeys for sale and monkey breeders, there is also at least one breeder with marmoset monkeys for sale. One of these breeders had the capuchins monkey

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