100 Floors Game - Droid Review

100 Floors Game - Droid Review
100 Floors is a game for the Android operating system which is a series of minigames. There are no rules. You do whatever it takes to get that door to open.

You start out easy. You're staring at an elevator door. You want it to open. But how? Along the way you gather up tools and items. Sometimes you use a screwdriver to unscrew a screw. Easy enough. Sometimes you get marbles to roll into the proper location. Sometimes you get items to light up in the right order. Other times it's about the orientation of the phone itself. Is it standing on its edge? Shaking side to side?

The fun part of the game is you never get tips or hints. You simply get the elevator doors, the scene around it, and then have to go from there. You're not reading epic storylines of ancient rulers. It's you, that one door, and somehow there is a solution.

You can easily hop back to any previous floor, so it's also fun to share with friends. You can hand the game to them and they can try their best on a floor you've solved, to see if they can figure it out.

Because these are each "thought puzzles" the replayability is fairly low. Once you figure out how to hit the buttons in the right order, for example, you know that answer. There's no challenge in doing it again. The key is getting through all the challenges.

I highly recommend NOT ever using walkthroughs or cheats, even if you get stuck on a puzzle for a while. Put it aside. Play some other games. Give your brain a few days. The fun of this game is to think outside the box, not to race through and achieve the end. Sometimes it's that few days of rest that gives you an a-ha moment the next time you pick the game up.

Well recommended for all ages. The games don't require special knowledge - there's no obscure trivia involved here. At most you have to know basic things like what north, south, east, and west look like on a compass (i.e. east is to the right). And it's a lot of fun to try "everything" on a puzzle and then realize you didn't try something quite simple - and it works.

Perfect for brain expansion!

I downloaded this game for free in order to do this review. I found it on the Android marketplace, but not on Amazon.

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