Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women 40+

Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women 40+
I interviewed Babe Hope last year and she graciously agreed to do a guest post with Large and Lovely readers to share her fashion tips for women forty and older but really the advice transcends age.

Frame Your Face

What you say and what you represent comes from your face. Your eyes, your expression and your words tell your story. It is what people focus on when they read you. Therefore, it is the number one most important consideration when choosing clothing, especially tops, dresses or coats.

Two questions to ask yourself:
  1. Is the neckline open, inviting and does it frame my features in the best way possible?
  2. Does the coloration or print make my eyes pop and make my skin look clear and radiant?

Be Bold

Choosing bold clothing is an act of decisiveness. It is an act of knowing yourself and having already "figured it out". It is conducive and "effortless" dressing because it works every time. Bold color, cut or accessories telegraph confidence.

Two questions to ask yourself:
  1. Given the boldness or uniqueness of this item, does it fit with the rest of my wardrobe?
  2. Does the bold feature convey the message I intend. It will be loud, so you need to get it right.

Wear Your Uniform

Women of a certain age have come to realize which items, proportions, cuts and styles work best. Stylish women do not need to reinvent the wardrobe-wheel each season. Rather they refresh their "uniforms" with seasonal colors and accessories. I often choose a longish tunic over a pencil skirt, works every time!

Two questions to ask yourself:
  1. Do I need to add a new uniform to my wardrobe?
  2. Is my uniform stuck in a time-warp?

Fabrication has Matured

Fabric options have grown better over the years just like us. First, there are excellent fabrics that are natural, and excellent fabrics that are synthetic. Natural is not necessarily better. Most of my favorite fabrics are knits. Knits allow me to feel good in what I wear. I put a knit item on in the morning and forget about it through the day.

Yes, I am likely to choose a cotton knit if I anticipate being in a very warm environment. I choose, however, Ulla Popken's Matte Jersey or Signature Stretch fabric as often as I can. These fabrics drape beautifully, glide over curves, stretch with me and remain wrinkle-free as I move throughout my day and wash like a dream.

Two questions to ask yourself:
  1. Is this a blend I know and trust?
  2. Is the fabric supple enough to drape softly?

Accessories Matter

Choose upscale, big-scale, ageless accessories. Let your accessories accent you in the way you would choose to be remembered. Think of accessories in the way you would think of a fragrance. Choose important pieces - definitely quality or quantity. I often choose deep neutral palettes for my clothing which serve as a great backdrop for exciting, memorable accessories.

Choosing accessories to reflect current trends is a great option too, as long as you do not break the bank. For me, however, I choose to carry the same handbag and work tote for the last five years. Some of my evening bags, heels and broaches I have had for 15+ years still look great because they reflect my aura and not the season. In fact, people often ask me about my accessories, which confirms the importance I place on accessories as well as the specific choices I have made.

Two questions to ask yourself:
  1. Does this accessory uplift my whole wardrobe?
  2. If this item were $100 more expensive, would I buy it?

Babe Hope is the author of Pretty Plus: How to Look Sexy, Sensational and Successful No Matter What You Weigh. She has written numerous articles, appeared on dozens of radio shows and videos and consulted to several specialty apparel retailers, sharing her tips on how to feel good in what you wear. A plus size woman all her life, Babe turned the 'pity party' into a 'pretty party' fifteen years ago and has been a stylist and personal shopper for women of all shapes and sizes. She is currently a blogger, styl ist and model for Ulla Popken and fully embraces Ulla's spirit:'Feeling beautiful is empowering.'

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