Small Beaded Bead

Small Beaded Bead
This project is one that's meant to be part of a larger project. You could make several beads to string on a bracelet, or just string one on illusion cord with a couple accent beads as a simple necklace. What makes it work up so fast is that it's done using a brick stitch like edging technique around a 4mm in size 11/o seed beads. I have another plan for this bead which will be another project!
Small Beaded Bead

You will need:

  • 2 4mm beads- I used pearls that had largish holes, the beads will need to be able to accommodate a few thread passes

  • Size 11 seed beads

  • Beading needle

  • beading thread

  • scissors

  • Optional- Thread zapper

Make 2:

Thread your needle. Holding on to the tail of the thread, pass it through the accent bead, then around back down to the tail.

Tie the tail to the working thread in a square knot. Trim the tail to about an inch long.
Pass the needle and thread back up through the bead, then go around the other side, then back up through that hole.

Tie a half hitch around the loop on the other side. Now it's time to start the seed beads. Work over the tail when you come to it to lock it down.
Add 3 size 11 seed beads, then pass the needle and thread UNDER the thread around the base bead.

Pass the needle and thread back up through the 3rd bead added, and add 2 more beads. Pass the needle and thread under the thread wrap on the 4mm bead, and back up through the last bead added.

Repeat around, pushing the beads along the base thread to space them. You want to end with 8 beads around the base bead, and 8 "up" beads. When you get to the last bead on the base, you'll only add the "up" bead. Then pass your needle and thread through the first bead added, under the thread loop, and back up through, knot off securely and weave in ends and cut close or cut close and zap on the first bead, on the second, pass the needle and thread through the up bead to start weaving the 2 pieces together.

This is what they will look like.

To join the edges, we are going to zig zag them, hold them together offset so the beads on one are between the up beads of the other.
Add 2 beads, and go through the up bead on the other side, repeat around and pull tight. This creates a fairly dense outside edge.

Because there are lots of gaps between the outer edge beads, you can thread this a few ways. Shown above on the memory wire, it's threaded directly across. You could also thread it off center for a nice drop as a pendant, or use it as a cross piece with threads crossing each other in the bead.
I hope you enjoy this easy to make, versatile bead!

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