How to Prevent Frown Lines

How to Prevent Frown Lines
Here's a simple exercise that will help you see exactly where frown lines will form on your face. Look directly into the mirror and wrinkle up your nose and your eyebrows. See those lines? Those are your future frown lines looking back at you!

Now I know that you don't go around all day making that face, so how do the deep frown lines take root? Well, you might be surprised that you make those faces as often as you do.

In fact, the muscles in our faces will actually remember that movement and cause those lines to grow deeper over time.

But we're not going to give up! There are things we can do to combat frown lines and even make them less likely to appear in the first place.

The "easiest" (and I think this depends on your definition of "easy") way to deal with frown lines is Botox. Administered by a dermatologist, botox is injected into the muscles of your face and causes them to relax and therefore release the wrinkles.

However, I'm not really into needles, so I'm going to share a few other ways too!

Notice Your Facial Expressions

If possible, set up a small mirror at your desk and watch yourself as you work. Do you wrinkle up your forehead when you're working on something difficult? Do you scrunch your nose and purse your lips every time the phone rings and interrupts you?

Stress can have a lot of negative effects, but you didn't know that frown lines were one of them, did you? Think about your reaction to stressful events and be aware of the contortions you put your face through. You'll be amazed at the number of different expressions you make.

Over time, our facial muscles will hold these expressions even when we're not specifically making those faces. That's the muscle memory kicking in and it can have a huge effect on the number of frown lines that form.

Learning to Break the Habit

Now that you are aware of the facial expressions you're making, you can take steps to reduce them. When you find yourself tense, upset or even extremely focused, take a minute to mentally smooth out your skin. Relax your eyebrows and feel the tension leaving your facial muscle.

It will even help if you can relax your shoulders. Sometimes without even knowing it we have them pulled up to our ears! Letting your shoulders go will almost certainly help you release the tension in your face too.

Pamper Your Skin

Another way to smooth those frown lines without coming anywhere close to a needle is by getting a facial. My esthetician offers a fabulous and relaxing 60 minute facial that always leaves me feeling great! The final mask and moisture treatment temporarily eliminates my crow's feet and smooths my forehead too.

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