Where's My Perry - Droid

Where's My Perry - Droid
Where's My Perry is a water-based puzzle game very much like Where's My Water. You're trying to redirect water to a destination to help your secret agent escape.

Where's My Perry You have Perry the Platypus complete with traditional secret agent music, and his task is to keep moving through the pipes. But the water keeps getting blocked. You have to carve paths through the dirt with your finger to help the water get to its destination.

But of course life is never easy. Sometimes there are laser beams that turn the water into steam. Sometimes there are hoses which redirect the water in new directions. There are also secrets to gather up along the way.

I love games like this. They make you think and they teach you real-life skills about fluid dynamics. What happens when the steam rises? How do you balance the flows of the water?

There's even secret levels involving floating balloons, to add yet another challenge to the game. Now you're going up instead of down.

Sometimes the puzzles can seem quite challenging - but in all cases there is of course a perfectly logical solution. You just have to think long and hard about how water moves, how steam moves, and what can get you to your destination.

I enjoy these games immensely, and find them fun for all ages. On the down side, there isn't a lot of replayability value here. The great fun is figuring out what the solution is. Once you know the solution, then executing it is usually fairly straightforward. Still, you can then show the games to your friends, and see if they can figure them out.

Highly recommended for all puzzle fans. And if you haven't seen the first Where's My Water game, which is based on a similar theme, definitely give that one a try as well.

I downloaded this with my own funds in order to do this review.

I got mine from the Play store on my Samsung; the app seems to be available for most Droid platforms.

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