Could What You Drink Be Staining Your Teeth?

Could What You Drink Be Staining Your Teeth?
I was browsing through some group buying sites the other day and saw a great deal which offered an amazing 60% off a laser teeth whitening procedure. Ever since I have been wearing MAC Pink Nouveau at least once a week, I have always winced when I see how this Barbie pink shade always manages to bring out the worst in my coffee-stained teeth.

I was all set to hit the buy button on this teeth whitening deal when I read a disclaimer somewhere within the deal description, to the effect that the guaranteed results only apply if I refrain from consuming coffee, sodas, red wine and etc. for several weeks before and after treatment.

The strong connection between teeth staining and beverage consumption did leave me interested enough to find out more. I found out that in addition to coffee, other things that can stain your teeth are:
  • Red wine, especially if you swirl it around your mouth before swallowing, as connoisseurs tend to do;

  • White wine—it may be clear, but the acidic nature of white wine means that it breaks down the enamel in the teeth, making it more porous;

  • Sodas;

  • Dark-colored berry smoothies like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries;

  • Colored sauces: tomato, curry, soy;

  • Tea;

  • Sports drinks;

  • Dark chocolate;

  • Veggies like beet, kale, spinach;

  • Virtually anything acidic and/or dark colored.
The results of my research were frankly, disheartening. I think that rather than ask the question of which food and drinks can stain teeth, it might have been easier to ask which doesn’t.

However, I did manage to pick up some tips to minimize teeth staining:
  1. Limit consumption of teeth-staining food and drinks (obviously).

  2. Brush teeth as soon as possible after consuming the items above, or at the very least, rinse mouth with water.

  3. Use a straw when drinking to spare the front teeth from coming into contact with the offending liquid.

  4. Floss to prevent stains from settling in between teeth.

  5. Chew sugarfree gum right after eating.

  6. Do teeth whitening treatments like laser procedures, bleaching, or deep cleaning.
If these tips seem lame to you, let me be the first to admit that they certainly seem that way to me too.

To tell you the truth, I really am bummed at the thought that there really is no way for me to get that blinding white smile which celebrities always seem to be flashing. I asked my family dentist about that and he says that maintaining teeth that white requires considerable maintenance, although there are some people whose teeth are just naturally whiter and more stain-resistant than others.

As for me, I am resigning myself to a less than perfect smile. Oh well, I do have a box of Crest strips which I break out for special occasions; I just have to content myself with that.

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