Jayden - Baby Name

Jayden - Baby Name
Jayden is a tricky name to talk about. Why? Three reasons:

First, no one knows what it means.

It's an invented name without a clear origin or etymology, so it doesn't have a set definition. Some sources consider Jayden a variant of Jadon, which is based on a Hebrew name of uncertain meaning. Others see it as a variant of the Irish name Aidan, which comes from Aodhan, which is derived from an old Irish word for fire. Others say it's an elaboration of Jade. Still others connect it to the Irish surname Braden, or to the the English surname Hayden.

Second, no one can agree how it ranks.

It's not the #1 name in the nation according to he official rankings, but it would be if all the spelling variations were lumped together and counted as a single name. In terms of popularity, here's how Jayden has fared over the last decade according to the Social Security Administration's official rankings:
  • 2009 - 8th most popular boy name
  • 2008 - 11th
  • 2007 - 18th
  • 2006 - 49th
  • 2005 - 54th
  • 2004 - 62nd
  • 2003 - 75th
  • 2002 - 101st
  • 2001 - 139th
  • 2000 - 194th
Eighth place isn't bad, but if we look at all the variations of Jayden (which include Jadan, Jaedan, Jaidan, Jaydan, Jaden, Jaaden, Jaeden, Jaiden, Jhaiden, Jhayden, Jadin, Jaedin, Jaidin, Jaydin, Jaydn, Jadon, Jaedon, Jaidon, Jaydon, Jaydun, Jadyn, Jaedyn, Jaidyn, Jaydyn, Jaydenn, Jadynn, Jaidynn, Jaidden, Jaydden, Jaiyden and Jayhden - phew!) we have way more than enough to catapult the Jayden group into first place.

Third, no one can agree on the gender.

Even though Jayden and its variants are most popular for baby boys, these names are also given to a large number of baby girls every year. Thousands of baby girls, in fact. So many baby girls that it's hard to claim that Jayden is a mere boy name. It would be more accurately described as unisex.

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