Salon Hair Care Secrets

Salon Hair Care Secrets
Last week, I went with a couple of girlfriends to a salon to get some treatments for our hair. As we sat around enjoying the pampering, we were talking about some of our favorite salon treatments. Here they are:

1. Avocado mask – Take two fresh eggs and half a ripe avocado, then mash everything into a paste. Some recipes would say that you only need the egg whites but I personally add in the yolk for extra richness. Massage the paste into clean damp hair and leave it on for about 15-30 minutes. Rinse well and condition hair as usual. You will end up with amazingly smooth and soft hair. I use this the day before an important event, when my hair needs a quick pick-me-up.

2. Aloe vera gel – Do you ever wish your hair grew in a bit thicker? All you need is an aloe vera plant. Once a day, about half an hour before you wash your hair, break off one of the fleshy stems and rub the juicy parts directly into your scalp. Let the gel remain right until you are ready to shower it off. The key is consistency. If you keep the aloe plant resting right next to the sunny bathroom windowsill, you should be all good.

3. Towel turban – Hair is at its most fragile when it's wet, which is why you really should avoid treating it harshly. Rubbing your hair dry with a towel can make the cuticles stand out, giving your hair dullness that it normally wouldn’t have. Meanwhile, blow drying may help give a sleeker look but over time, it can take its toll. The easiest, no-stress way to dry your hair is by simply wrapping a terry cloth towel around your hair until it dries.

4. Cold rinse – The last few minutes of rinsing out your conditioner (after shampoo, of course) should be with the coldest water you can stand. Cold water seals the hair cuticles down, and lays them flat so that they reflect light better. Thus, your hair looks shinier. By contrast, hot water makes the cuticles stick out, which makes the hair strands look dull.

5. Honey conditioning – It’s no secret that sulfates in hair products can make highlights and hair color fade more quickly, which is a bummer because they can get expensive. Prolong the vibrancy of golden highlights or blonde hair color by adding a dollop of honey (yes!) to your conditioner right before you slather it on your strands.

Give some of these salon secrets a try and let me know what you think!

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