Star Wars Angry Birds HD

Star Wars Angry Birds HD
I held off on buying the Star Wars version of Angry Birds, as much as I love both franchises. Perhaps I was feeling a bit burnt out. But when I finally did give in, I was quite glad that I did.

Sure, the game has all the cutesy things you'd expect. Little wookies flying across the sky. Little Darth Vader piggies to tackle. But there's a wealth of complexity in here as well, and the puzzles can be devious!

Take this early puzzle style. You are in outer space, and each planet has a gravity within its atmosphere. So you have to slingshot around one, catch the second planet's gravity, and slingshot to your destination targets.

Star Wars Angry Birds HD

Then, later on, you start to run into those who can use the dark side of the force. The glowing red items are suspended in the air until you take out Darth Vader, at which point they all collapse to the ground.

Star Wars Angry Birds HD

There's all sorts of cool challenges like this to figure out. Yes, certainly I enjoyed that Han Solo can blast away with his laser pistol in a directional manner, and that Luke Skywalker spins his light saber to take on enemies. But it always comes down to gameplay. The Angry Birds people have definitely kept up their talents in level design.

I've played the Angry Bird games on my smartphone and PC, and I vastly prefer playing it on my Kindle Fire. The larger screen makes it much easier to line up the shot and to see the whole situation in one fell swoop. It's also quite impressive that for under three dollars you get a game which compares well to full price puzzle games on many other platforms.

I've seen some people complaining online that they didn't get "enough" for their three dollars. Heck, you can buy a cup of coffee that costs three dollars! Just how cheap do people want their games to be?

Well recommended, and well worth the money.

I purchased this game with my own funds in order to do this review.

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