The Dreaded Cowlick !

The Dreaded Cowlick !
It’s that little tuft of hair that likes to pop up at inopportune times. A cowlick appears when the growth direction of the hair forms a spiral pattern. The hair in a cowlick either stands straight up or lies at an extreme angle and seems to be always at odds with the style in which you wear your hair. They can show up anywhere. The most common site is in the crown like the one belonging to Alfalfa of “Our Gang”, the 1940s comedy series, or on Dennis the Menace.
Frustrated owners of these little irritations have resorted to many methods in dealing with them. Some have cut them or shaved them off; some have used depilatory wax to temporarily rid themselves of the pesky hairs or electrolysis for permanent removal.

I suggest that there are easier ways to conquer the dreaded cowlick. Depending on the location of the problem and the texture of your hair, there are several alternatives.

A creative hair cut along with a blow dryer and styling products are effective in controlling most forms.
A cowlick that sticks up in the crown can be weighted down with some extra length in the hair. Then use the blow dryer aimed directly on it to coax it to lie down.

If the cowlick is one of those that lays flat and swings to the side, it can cause problems by causing the hair to split and producing a flat spot where you don’t want it. This one is dealt with by using extra styling mousse or gel at the root of the hair and using a blow dryer to direct it into the style desired, in this case, lifting it off the head and causing it to stand up.
The most effective product I have ever used for this problem is LC Legacy Root Lifter. It can be found HERE.

A cowlick in the front can either be used to advantage to add lift in the style or held down by extra length in the bangs. Multiple cowlicks or very strong cowlicks can be blended into a layered, fluffy style bang.

For most cowlicks in short hair there are some very effective pomades and styling waxes that will control even the most unruly. If that dreaded cowlick still refuses to lie down, carefully comb it in the direction in which it grows even if it is in a circle.

The last and least desirable cowlick is located in the nape area causing the hair to kick out at an odd angle. In this case, the hair is best either cut very short or grown long enough to pull it down.

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