The Hangover - Part II

The Hangover - Part II
The Wolfpack is in tons of trouble again! Stu is getting ready and he and his buddies travel to Thailand for the nuptials. But things hit a snag when a night on the beach with a bonfire ends with Phil, Stu and Alan waking up in a shady hotel in Bangkok with a monkey, Mr. Chow and only the finger of Teddy, the young brother of Stu’s fiancée, Lauren. While the guys try to piece together their whereabouts the previous evening, see if you can track down this movie mistakes in “The Hangover – Part II”.

· In the very first scene, there are people getting the chairs and things set up for the wedding ceremony. To the left of the screen, there is one woman, working with the cover of one of the chairs. She’s behind the chair and walks around to the front of it. It cuts to a rear view (when it has “A Todd Phillips Movie” credit on the screen) and the woman is in her original position behind the chair.

· Stu, Phil, Doug and the baby are eating at IHOP. At the beginning of the scene, the orange juice in Phil’s glass comes up to the curve in the glass. When Stu comments “…the two of you were barely invited…”, the view of Phil’s glass when he picks up his coffee cup shows the OJ is below the curve. It’s still the same amount when Phil drops his fork but when it cuts to a side view, the OJ is back at its original level. Through the scene, it alternates to being below the curve in the glass in front views of Phil and the baby and at the curve in side views.

· The guys are walking through the airport to catch the plan. Alan is originally holding a pipe in his right hand. A few seconds later he’s holding his plane ticket in his right hand and the pipe can be seen in his left hand. It cuts to a view of the flight sign and then back to the guys and the pipe is back in Alan’s right hand. The ticket is in his right hand when they meet up with Teddy a few moments later.

· After Alan’s speech at dinner, in the front view, Stu is holding his head with his left hand and looking down. He looks up and starts to clap with everyone else. It cuts to a rear view of Stu and Lauren and he’s looking down again and not clapping.

· When Phil is sitting on the couch with Chow, there are two glasses and three bottles on the table in front of him. Two of the bottles are brown and the other is clear. When Chow’s head hits the table, one of the brown bottles falls over as well as a clear bottle with red designs on it that was closer to Alan. It cuts to a view of all four of them and the money and both bottles are sitting upright. (A better view of the upright brown bottle can be seen when Phil hits him on the shoulder.)

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Alan comes clean about drugging the marshmallows and Stu starts to fight with him. Alan’s sunglasses fall into the street and the two of them roll to the side of the road. When Stu yells “Why!”, Alan’s hat is on the top of his head as he’s laying on the road. But a few moments later when Stu gets to his feet, the hat is under Alan’s head. After Phil says they need to stick together, the view of Alan shows the hat is to his right. It’s on his head when Phil asks him what’s on his belly.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! When Stu figures out where Teddy is, the guys hop in a cab. From the outer view of the cab, when Phil says “mind filling us in”, his left arm is straight and near his side. When it cuts to a close-up inside the cab, both of his arms are crossed in front of him.

“The Hangover – Part II” (2011) stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Paul Giamatti and Mason Lee. It runs 102 minutes and is rated R for pervasive language, strong sexual content including graphic nudity, drug use and brief violent images.

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