Pirates Of The Caribbean-Curse Of The Black Pearl

Pirates Of The Caribbean-Curse Of The Black Pearl
Notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow has been having a string of bad luck. Not only does he suffer the threat of being sent to the gallows but he’s also a pirate without a ship. Captain Jack has lost his ship, the Black Pearl, and crew to the cunning Captain Barbossa. But things begin to turn around when Jack realizes he has the much needed missing piece of the puzzle that will end the curse of the Black Pearl’s crew. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for in “Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl”!

· At the very beginning, a young Elizabeth is singing on the ship. The front view of her shows she’s standing between two wooden pillars. Each of the pillars has a few coils of rope wrapped around it. From the front view, the pillar on her right has four coils around it. But when it cuts to the rear view, there are no coils, the rope is pulled in front of the pillar and then is pulled off to the side. Also, in the front view there was no rope hanging in front of her. But in the rear view there are two strands of rope in front of Elizabeth.

· When Elizabeth falls into the water after Norrington talks about marriage, the close-up view of Elizabeth’s neck shows the medallion loose and floating on the chain around her neck. But when she hits the bottom and Jack rescues her, the medallion is snug in her bodice!

· Pintel and Ragetti are chasing Elizabeth at the Governor’s mansion. Ragetti is carrying a torch in his left hand and is still holding it when she dumps hot coals on him. When Elizabeth runs and Pintel grabs him, Ragetti is no longer holding the torch. But he’s carrying it again a few moments later when he jumps over the banister to get Elizabeth.

· Jack and Will are talking to their new crew on the docks and Jack gets smacked by Annamaria. When she’s talking about her old ship, the left side view shows her right hand is elevated and her finger is pointing at him. When Will makes his “a better one” comment, the back view shows she’s still using her right hand. But when Will says “that one” and Jack turns to look at him, the close-up of Jack’s face shows Annamaria is now using her left hand to point at him.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Near the end, Jack and Barbossa are fighting. Jack shoots him and Will releases the medallion into the chest. Barbossa, now mortal, drops his sword and the close-up view shows him opening his coat with both hands, which are empty. He says “I feel cold” and falls to the ground. It cuts to a close-up of his left hand there is a green apple falling from it that wasn’t there a few seconds earlier.

“Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003) stars Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport and Jonathan Pryce. It runs 143 minutes and is rated PG-13 for action/adventure violence.

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