Aussie Sayings A-C

Aussie Sayings A-C
There is a plethora of websites in internet land that highlights the unique slang language of Australians. We know what a sheila or a nong is, but many times I have witnessed foreigners completely baffled when an Aussie lets fly with uniquely Australian Sayings.

So I am endeavouring to bring to you as many Aussie sayings as I can muster, together with an understandable explanation of exactly what they mean. Have fun!


about as useful as tits on a Bull. Pretty self explanatory, describing how useless an item may be.
Use: That ashtray on the motorbike is about as useful as tits on a bull.

All Froth and no Beer has absolutely no substance, is a very shallow kind of person
Use: Don’t get Barry to help, he’s all froth and no beer

A Stubbie (bottle of beer) short of a six pack (beer carton) mentally challenged, not altogether very bright.
Use: Don’t’ leave it to Harry. He’s a stubbie short of a six pack

as rare as hens teeth you’ll never see them – scarce items
Use: Looking for an autograph from the pope, it’s as rare as hen’s teeth

at the drop of a hat Will do something without any excuse.
Use: He’ll knock off work at the drop of a hat

and you can bet London to a brick on that. It’s a sure thing.
Use: And you can bet London to a brick that Australia will win the world cup!

Act your age – not your shoe size. Grow up and act your age.
He is so immature – he needs to act his age, not his shoe size.
(In Australia adult average shoe sizes range from 5 to 11)

between you and me and the gatepostconfidentially – only between you and me.
Use: Between you and me and the gatepost – Stella’s pregnant.

Built like a brick dunny (a dunny is an outside free standing toilet) a person who is built very solid.
Use: Fred is built like a brick dunny – get him to lift it.

Bonzer Mate! that’s fantastic – terrific – wonderful.
you won the lottery? – That’s bonzer mate

barking up the wrong treeHe’s got the wrong idea.
Use: He said the wrong thing – he was barking up the wrong tree

Buckley’s Chance No chance what so ever.
Use: fly to the moon? You’ve got two chances Buckley’s and none

couldn’t lie straight in bed Tells lies all the time.
Use: He tells so many lies, he couldn’t lie straight in bed

Cock and Bull story a totally unlikely story, claiming to be true
Use: He told this cock and bull story about his past

cry over spilt milk Worry over something that has already happened and can’t be changed.
Use: Don’t worry about it – no use in crying over spilt milk

couldn’t drive ducks to watera very poor car driver
Use: he’s such a bad driver he couldn’t drive ducks to water

Carrying on like a pork chop. Behaving inappropriately or badly.
Use: He was so mad he carried on like a pork chop

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