Your Main Entrance

Your Main Entrance
The main entrance to your home is the first place others see when they visit and is the entry for either good or bad energy to your home. This entrance can be any door into your home that is most used by you, your family and visitors. You should take great care in making sure your main entrance is providing an auspicious representation of you, your family and your home.

If possible, take a photograph of your main entrance to examine for anything that you feel might block a good energy flow. Sometimes is easier to look at photograph more objectively than to look at an actual area. Looking at the photograph, ask yourself the following questions:

• Does the entrance look pleasing to the eye?
• Is there clutter?
• Are there dead plants, shrubbery or flowers?
• Does the walkway, steps or porch need repairs?
• Does the door or trim need repairs or paint?
• Does the color scheme look pleasing?

If the entrance doesn’t look pleasing to the eye, decide what you might do to dress up this area so that it looks and feels inviting.

If there is clutter near your main entrance, clean it up. Clutter in this area is the worst thing you can have for bad energy flow. Clutter in and around your main entrance invites all sorts of negativity into your home.

Dead plants, shrubbery or flowers should be removed and replace with lush greenery and flowers. These shouldn’t block any walkways, steps, porches or doors. Good energy must meander to the entrance without any blockages.

If the walkway leading to your entrance has cracks, broken bricks or other needed repairs, be sure to correct these as soon as possible. Any repairs that are needed to your steps or porch should also be taken care of as soon as you possibly can.

The door and trim around the door should be kept clean and in good repair and painted as often as necessary. Nothing makes an entrance inauspicious more than a door or trim that is dirty or in need of repairs or paint. If you have windows near the entrance, you should keep those in good repair, painted and clean.

Last, your color scheme should look pleasing to you, your family and visitors. For example, a bright purple door might look wonderful in some settings but is it right for you or your home?

Once your entrance looks and feels good to you and you feel you have positive energy flowing, you need to keep it that way. Watch for signs of wear and disrepair and correct immediately. Keep clutter along with dead or dying plants or flowers cleared. Sweep away dirt, dust and dead leaves often and be sure to shovel snow as soon as you can after a snow storm.

Your entrance is one of the best places to start when creating a positive energy flow in your home. Once this area is free of negative energy, you can work on the rest of the house.

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