Christmas In Connecticut

Christmas In Connecticut
Elizabeth Lane is a renowned food writer for one of the country’s top magazines. While her articles talk about her farm life in Connecticut with her husband and new baby and the magnificent meals she fixes, the truth is that Elizabeth is a single woman, living in an apartment in New York City and her food ideas come from friend and restaurateur, Felix. But when a nurse writes a letter requesting that her fiancé and soldier, Jefferson Jones, be able to spend a once in a lifetime Christmas with the writer and her family, the magazine’s owner, Alexander Yardley, comes up with the idea that all of them will spend the holidays together in Connecticut. Will Elizabeth and her friends be able to pull off the rouse of the idyllic farm and family life? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Christmas in Connecticut”.

• When Mary Lee and Jefferson Jones are playing Tic Tac Toe at the hospital, the left side view of Jefferson shows he’s leaning forward in the chair. When Mary mentions that marriage frightens him, it cuts to a close-up view of Jefferson as he starts talking and he sits back in his chair. The scene cuts back to the left side view when he says “I guess I am a little afraid…” and he’s leaning forward again. He’s sitting back in the chair when it cuts to the front view again and sitting forward in the side view when Mary stands up.

• When they reach the farmhouse in Connecticut, Sloan introduces Norah to Felix. In the front view of the three of them, Felix is carrying his food basket and his hat in his right hand. He’s holding the hat by the brim and it’s over the basket’s handle. It cuts to a close-up of Felix and Norah and the hat is laying flat on top of the basket, under its handle.

• Elizabeth and Jefferson arrive back at the farmhouse after the sleigh ride incident and Mr. Yardley mentions the missing baby. The close-up of them when Yardley wraps his arms around Elizabeth and says “There, there”, shows her right hand is over his left side jacket pocket, almost covering the handkerchief that’s sticking out. It cuts to a wider view when the cameraman says “Hold still Mr. Jones” and Elizabeth’s right hand has moved away from the jacket pocket and the handkerchief can be completely seen.

“Christmas in Connecticut” (1945) stars Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet, Reginald Gardiner, S.Z. Sakall, Una O’Connor and Joyce Compton. It runs 102 minutes and is unrated.

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