Aussie Sayings Q - T

Aussie Sayings Q - T
There is a plethora of websites in internet land that highlights the unique slang language of Australians. We know what a sheila or a nong is, but many times I have witnessed foreigners completely baffled when an Aussie lets fly with uniquely Australian Sayings.

So I am endeavouring to bring to you as many Aussie sayings as I can muster, together with an understandable explanation of exactly what they mean. Have fun!


Saying: Raining Cats and dogs Meaning: It’s pouring rain outside How to use this saying: You’re going to need your umbrella, it’s raining cats and dogs out here.

Saying: Ridgy Didge Meaning: What I’m telling you is true How to use this saying: The pub has no beer – ridgy didge.

Saying: Runs on the smell of an oily rag Meaning: This item uses very little petrol to run How to use this saying: The old generator runs on the smell of an oily rag

Saying: See Ya Ron Meaning: See you later on How to use this saying: gotta go, see you ron

Saying: She goes like the clappers Meaning: This machine goes very well How to use this saying: That old holden ute goes like the clappers

Saying: she’ll be apples Meaning: Don’t worry, everything will be alright How to use this saying: Just get in the car, she’ll be apples

Saying: Sillier than a two bob watch Meaning: useless, silly, insane How to use this saying: don’t take much of Barry, he’s a silly as a two bob watch

Saying: Spat the Dummy Meaning: Mad as hell, voiced annoyance How to use this saying: The fella spat the dummy when told he had to pay the fine

Saying: Stone the Crows Meaning: An exclamation of surprise or shock How to use this saying: Well Stone the (bloody) Crows, it’s Pat who I haven’t seen in years

Saying: Take the Bull by the horns Meaning: deal decisively and deal with a dangerous or difficult situation How to use this saying: He decided to take the bull by the horns and evict the tenants there and then.

Saying: The whole box and dice Meaning: the whole thing How to use this saying: she cleaned out the house – the whole box and dice

Saying: Throw a spanner in the works Meaning: to do something that prevents an action or activity from happening How to use this saying: The sudden resignation of the builder threw a spanner in the works

Saying: Trouble, Strife and the Billie Lids Meaning: It’s a cockney variant of the wife and kids How to use this saying: Had to stop and pick up the trouble and Strife and the billie lids

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