Bragging Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?

Bragging Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?
It's O.K. brag. Everyone does it at onetime or another. In business it is often necessary to toot your own horn to get ahead. So go on and send the boss a memo and let her know that you have finished that difficult project. Don't downplay your hard work and effort to get the job done. That's good effective bragging.

But what about the friend or colleague who brags day in and day out about who, what, when and where they have been, seen or what they have done or bought? Do you feel like saying "who cares," or worse "Come on, I know that you are not telling the truth." That's the result of bad and annoying bragging. Some people seem to have a need to brag, but do not see themselves as braggarts.

If you know someone who tries to keep the spotlight on himself or spins stories that you know to be untrue, he may just want to fit in, feel that he is a part of the group. The person talking about his latest adventure, conquest, etc., does not realize how he is coming across to others.
Fortunately (or unfortunately for the storyteller) a lot of people will see through the story, and no harm is done. In the end no one is impressed.

A few hints for dealing with the braggart:

  • Try complimenting your him on something he has done well.

  • Learn to count to 10 before responding to outrageously tall tales. Keep in mind, that's not nice to roll your eyes because you know what you are lisening to is a tall tale.

  • Remind yourself that the person is not bragging to make you feel bad. He is doing it to make himself feel good.

  • If the braggert is a good friend, take him aside and talk to him about it. If you a braggert, just stop. You can brag simply by sharing what you know, do it right and often enough, other's will do the bragging for you.

    Is there such a thing a good bragging? I think yes. Some of the sweetest bragging comes from children, "Look what I can do!" Get ready to smile and be rightfullly awed and amazed when a little one shows her latest fete. Whether trying a shoe or performing a perfect somersault, these brags deserve attention. But what about those grown up brags? Earned brags deserve wholehearted kudos.

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