Meatless Monday Sandwich Ideas

Meatless Monday Sandwich Ideas
What is Meatless Monday? This is a campaign to get people to eat fewer meals that are based on meat. Rather than going "cold turkey," so to speak, participants slow their carnivorous appetites incrementally by replacing meat in meals on one day of the week.

Why would anybody want to do this? Many of us feel that meat tastes wonderful. There's a huge variety. It is a fantastic source of usable protein for our bodies. All of the necessary amino acids are there for the taking. However, meat comes with certain costs, both personal and societal

As well as the protein and minerals that make meat an enticing food choice, there's fat involved. The fat that's part of the meat is saturated and increases a person's risk for obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Our society pays a price for the massive amounts of meat we produce. Greenhouse gases are released from animals. Cows are natural methane producers and their farts are legion. According to USA Today, producing one pound of beef puts 15 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It also takes 15 pounds of feed to make that single pound of beef. Pollution from feedlots is also an issue, as are the conditions that animals are raised in.

When a family gives up meat for one day, they are making food choices that can improve their overall health. They are also helping the environment. The Meatless Monday drive seeks to increase the health of our society, also.

Here are a few sandwich ideas that can help your family have successful and tasty Meatless Monday sandwich meals.

Meatless Monday Sandwich Ideas:

*Egg, Malibu Burger, cheese, mayo, mustard, tomato slices, butter lettuce on a fresh potato roll.
*Olive salad on a bun with mayo, Swiss cheese, tomato, and lettuce.
*Eggplant Parmesan on a grilled Italian roll.
*Pinto and garbanzo beans in soft corn tortillas with salsa, cheese, and lettuce.
*Egg fried and topped with grilled onions and peppers, and sharp cheddar cheese on a toasted English muffin.
*Naan with Pico de Gallo wrapped around a curried Quorn cutlet.
*Eggplant slices fried and added to a baguette with provolone cheese, thin sliced tomato, and mayo flavored with muffaletta olive salad.
*Egg fried and topped with Colby cheese on a bun with mayo and mustard, and dressed with lettuce and tomato.
*Veggies roasted with olive oil and sea salt, (use your favorites) and stuffed in a pita with shredded cheese and marinara sauce.
*Tofu "egg salad" on a Kim's Magic Pop and topped with alfalfa sprouts.

Whether you just celebrate Meatless Monday or have a totally meat-free lifestyle, these delightful sandwich ideas can add variety to your menu. The Sandwich Name Game on the BellaOnline Sandwiches Forum has hundreds of ideas for sandwiches. Stop by sometime! Then, post in the forum, so that we can learn about your creative ideas.

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