King Kong (1976)

King Kong (1976)
King Kong returned to the screen in this 1976 film starring Jessica Layne and Jeff Bridges. This time around Dwan finds herself in the grips of the giant ape during an expedition to a remote island to find oil. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 1976 ‘s “King Kong”.

∙ During the slide show, when Fred Wilson is telling the crew the real reason behind the mission, Jack can be seen sneaking into the room where he accidentally hits a stack of two bowls with his left arm. He grabs them and stops them from falling. It then cuts to Fred and Roy Bagley with the slide presentation, talking about the island behind the fog. Jack is then shown again, taking notes, and there are now three bowls in the stack that’s facing the camera!

∙ When the group has made it to the island, they’re standing outside the ancient wooden wall. In the side view of the group, when Jack begins to speak, he takes the lens off his camera. In the following close-up, he does it again. During the following back view, he grabs his camera case. This is followed by another front view of him where he takes the lens off the camera again and grabs the case a second time.

∙ The crew from the ship is watching the native ritual when they’re suddenly spotted. There is a front view of Fred Wilson when he realizes they’ve been seen. A rear view of Roy, to the right of Fred, shows him taking his arm down and move more behind Fred. In the following front view, he does the same thing again. When Fred says “Jack do you want to talk for us”, the front view shows Dwan stand up and move behind Jack. It then cuts to a further view, from above, and she repeats the action!

∙ The day after she has been taken, King Kong grabs Dwan and she yells at him to put her down. The cuff is on her upper right arm. When she starts hitting him and then apologizes, the cuff is gone in the front views but reappears in the rear views of her. It’s back on her arm when he lets her down. The same thing happens again later in the movie when Kong is holding Dwan right before the snake appears.

∙ Kong falls from the tower to the ground. In the close-up views of Kong’s face, there is a noticeable amount of blood in his mouth (especially on his teeth). After he dies and the press surrounds Dwan, the blood is suddenly gone.

“King Kong” (1976) stars Jessica Layne, Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, John Randolph and Rene Auberjonois. It runs 134 minutes and is rated PG for violence/gore and frightening/intense scenes.

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