King Kong Lives

King Kong Lives
King Kong Lives
King Kong was killed when he fell off of the top of the Empire State Building. Or did he? After keeping Kong in a vegetative state for ten years, doctors opt to operate on him when a “Lady Kong” is found and can be used to aide in a blood transfusion. Will the two giant apes wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “King Kong Lives”.
∙ During the heart transplant on King Kong, the spots of blood on Amy Franklin’s mask change. In the front view of her, when the plastic heart is brought in, there are small dots on her mask. Before Kong’s heart is taken out, the splotches on her mask are noticeably larger. The smaller dots are back on the mask when Kong’s heart is hoisted out.

∙ King Kong is taken to the silo that’s holding Lady Kong. When he holds onto the silo’s hatch, his hands alternate and move between views.

∙ King Kong is being hunted down after he has escaped. At one point two boys are getting into a Lamborghini when they suddenly see Kong approaching. The two boys run, leaving both doors up. The close-up of Kong’s foot stomping the vehicle shows the door that’s facing the camera is smashed down. But, in the very next view of Kong’s foot on the car, the door is up!

∙ King Kong is hiding out in the swamp and picks up an alligator. In the wider views, the alligator that Kong is holding is motionless/still. But in the close-up, the (real) alligator is hissing and moving. It cuts back to the front view of Kong and the alligator is motionless once again.

∙ The hunters have captured Kong in a ravine and have decided to give him liquor to drink. Will pours it in his mouth and Kong spits it out. When Will says “That’s good liquor son”, there are several feet separating him and the hunter in the beige hat. But in the very next close-up of the men, they’re right next to each other.

“King Kong Lives” (1986) stars Linda Hamilton, Brian Kerwin, Peter Elliott and John Ashton. It runs 105 minutes and is rated PG-13 for brief nudity, language, violence/gore and frightening/intense scenes.

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