It’s the height of tourist season on Amity Island but locals and tourists are having problems when an enormous Great White shark shows up in their peaceful waters and begins to attack beachgoers. It’s up to Police Chief Martin Brody, shark enthusiast and scientist, Matt Hooper, crusty seaman Quint and a bigger boat to track down the man-eating shark and destroy it. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Jaws”.

∙ After Chrissie Watkins aka the shark’s very first victim, is found, Chief Brody is in the office, typing his police report. On the form, the section labeled “Date/Time Original Illness/Injury” is dated “7/1/74” and the “Date/Time Deceased Discovered” is dated “7/2/74”. Later, after Alex Kintner is attacked while riding his float in the water, there is a “Reward” poster on a pole. The date of Alex’s attack is listed as Sunday, June 29th although Alex was killed after the girl.

∙ Before Alex Kintner is attacked, Chief Brody is ill at ease in his chair on the shore. At first during the scene, Chief Brody’s watch is on his left arm. But in other views of him during the scene, his watch is gone.

∙ During the Fourth of July celebration at the beach, Sean Brody is first seen wearing a white shirt with light green shorts. Later in the scene, he is wearing a darker pair of shorts (almost a dark blue). After the chaos at the beach, when everyone is at the hospital, Sean has the light green shorts on again.

∙ When the shark gets into the pond during the Fourth of July celebration, a lifeguard is in a row boat trying to help the children. When the boat is tipped over, the lifeguard is thrown into the water and it can be seen that’s he’s barefoot. After he is attacked by the shark, his leg falls to the bottom. The foot now has a shoe on it!

“Jaws” (1975) was directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Susan Backlinie and Jay Mello. It runs 124 minutes and is rated PG for violence and gore, and frightening/intense scenes.

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