Nicknames for Baby Names

Nicknames for Baby Names
Looking for a name that can be shortened to a nickname for everyday use?

Here are some common nicknames, along with a few of the formal names with which they are often associated:

Al and Allie
Alastair, Albert, Albertina, Alexander, Alfonso, Alfred, Alicia, Alison, Alvin

Ben and Bennie
Benedict, Benedicta, Benita, Benito, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Bentley, Benton

Christa, Christabel, Christian, Christiana, Christopher, Christina, Christine, Christie

Dan and Danny
Danica, Daniel, Daniella, Danielle, Danilo, Danita, Dante

Don and Donny
Donald, Donalda, Donata, Donato, Donatella, Donatello, Donna, Donovan

Ed and Eddie
Edgar, Edgardo, Edison, Edith, Edmond, Edmund, Edsel, Eduardo, Edward, Edwin, Edwina

Eugene, Eugenia, Eugenie, Eugenio, Gena, Geneva

Georgina, Regina, Luigina, Virginia, Eugenia

Hala, Haldor, Haley, Halina, Hallam, Halstein, Halvard, Harry

Jacob, Jacoba, Jamie, Jamison, Janie, Jared, Jason, Jayda, Jayden

Jessa, Jessalyn, Jessamyn, Jesse, Jessica, Jessie

Leah, Leanne, Leola, Leon, Leonora, Leonore, Leontyne, Leopold, Leroy

Lou and Lu
Louella, Louie, Louis, Louisa, Louise, Luanne, Lucasta, Lucille, Ludwig, Lucian, Lucinda, Lucretia, Luigi

Maxfield, Maxim, Maximilian, Maximo, Maxine, Maxwell

Nathan, Nathaniel, Natalie, Natalia

Nel and Nell
Eleanor, Ellen, Helen, Nelda, Nelina, Nella, Nelson

Raya, Raylene, Raymond, Raymundo, Rayna, Rayner

Rick and Ricky
Eric, Cedric, Frederick, Ricardo, Richard, Roderick

Royal, Royce, Roydon, Royston

Sam and Sammy
Samantha, Samara, Samir, Samira, Sampson, Samson, Samuel, Samuela

Suha, Suhayl, Sujay, Sumati, Sunita, Susan, Susanna, Susanne, Suzette

Valarie, Valentine, Valencia

Will or Wil
William, Wilson, Wilhelmina, Willow, Wilma, Willis

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