Simple Japanese Breakfast Recipes

Simple Japanese Breakfast Recipes
Fancy trying your hand at making a Japanese-style breakfast? Here are four recipes you can make yourself rather easily – two main dishes, one side dish and one soup dish. So without further ado…

Note: The amount of ingredients indicated in each of the recipes is for a group of four people.

Main Dish - Bacon & Egg Rice with Toasted Cheese
four teaspoonfuls of butter
half an onion (finely chopped)
four bowls of frozen mixed vegetables (defrosted)
four tablespoonfuls of tomato ketchup
half a teaspoonful of salt
a little pepper
four eggs
two slices of bacon (cut to one centimeter wide)
four teaspoonfuls of grated cheese

1. Put the butter into a frying pan, and fry it till it melts
2. Add in the onion, and fry until they become soft
3. Add in the assorted vegetables and rice, and fry some more
4. Add some ketchup, salt and pepper to give flavor
5. Split the mixture you've got so far onto four plates
6. Make a depression at the centre of each plate
7. Crack an egg over each depression
8. Spread the bacon on the plates
9. Sprinkle the grated cheese over each plate
10. Toast for five to six minutes using a toaster oven

Main Dish – Young Sardine Toast
four loaves of bread
sixty grams of dried young sardines
soy sauce (as much or as little as you like)
mayonnaise (as much or as little as you like)
1/4 slice of seaweed X 4
Four slices of melting cheese

1. Mix the sardines, soy sauce and mayonnaise
2. Spread the seaweed on the bread
3. Spread (1) on the seaweed, then spread the melted cheese on top
4. Toast using an oven or a toaster

This healthy dish comprises of an interesting combination of sardines/seaweed and bread/cheese… Full of calcium and minerals, and good for your body!

Side Dish – Crisp Japanese Yam
appropriate amount of sesame oil
one Japanese yam (cut to bite-sized pieces)
one spring onion (finely chopped)
half-a-bag of potherb mustard (cut to five centimeters wide)
one bag of bean sprouts
appropriate amount of salt
appropriate amount of pepper
one tablespoonful of soy sauce

1. Pour the sesame oil onto a frying pan, and heat it up
2. Add in the yam, spring onion and potherb mustard in order, then fry them
3. Add in the bean sprouts
4. Finally, add in the salt, pepper and soy sauce to give flavor

The crispiness of the Japanese yam (yamaimo) will wake up your body!

Soup Dish - Sesame Milk Miso Soup
two cups of dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) soup
150 grams of Chinese cabbage (cut to chunks of two centimeters wide)
two turnips (cut to comb shape)
half an onion (cut to one centimeter wide, comb-shape)
one piece of bacon (cut to one centimeter wide)
two tablespoonfuls of miso (soybean paste)
one-and-a-half cups of milk
two teaspoonfuls of ground sesame

1. Put the dashi soup, cabbage, turnips and onion in a hotpot
2. Place the lid on the cover of the hotpot, then heat it up
3. When it boils, use low fire to simmer until the vegetables become soft
4. Add the bacon, and when it cooks (which should be very fast), add in the miso and stir
5. Add in the milk and adjust the fire manually to make the contents boil
6. Distribute the contents onto bowls, and sprinkle the ground sesame over each bowl

When milk is added, the flavor of the miso becomes mild. So you get a kind of miso soup that tastes more like western soup.

So now that you know some recipes, you might want to print out this article and go shopping straight away. Just make sure that the store or supermarket you go to sells all the stuff mentioned in the recipes…

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