The Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project
The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) has a quote on its website:
-“The Greatest Casualty is Being Forgotten.”

That statement is quite fitting for what the Wounded Warrior Project does. Originally started by prior service vets, they wanted to do something more for the wounded soldiers from our current wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. WWP's signature program, providing backpacks to wounded soldiers at their bedside has morphed into something bigger.

Imagine This:

You're on patrol, it's hot and you're thirsty. You've just given a SITREP (situation report) to higher who instructs you to continue down the road. Then you hear your battle buddy yell. You feel yourself flying through the feel massive heat...and you hear your own screaming as you hit the ground. Dark.

You wake up in a hospital bed, in a different country, without your weapon, without your clothes, without any money or ID or anything. You're all bandaged up and confused. The nurse comes in and explains the situation to you. It's not good, but you're still alive.

Later a stranger walks in the door carrying something. That stranger hands a backpack to you filled with literally a home in a bag. Toothbrush, razor, towel, shower shoes, sweats, paper, pencil, envelopes and stamps, and other stuff.

Not all the comforts of home, but at least you now can let your family know you're alive and maybe get rid of some of that cat-breath.

Give Them What They Need:

The Wounded Warrior Project provides these bags and fills 'em with the things that soldiers need right now, but aren't provided by the hospital. It may not sound like much, but any wounded Veteran who's received one can tell you how much that little bit means to them.

If you'd like to support our wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines with a visible and tangible result, consider giving your next donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. As mentioned, the little vignette above illustrates WWP's signature program, that being the WWP backpacks, but an exploration of the WWP website will show that this organization is committed to wounded patriots in many other ways.

I've taken the liberty of grabbing some information outlining how much your contribution is worth to a soldier. It's a whole lot more than some other organizations geared towards vets. Look below...

From the website:
"Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. WWP's federal ID number for donations is: #20-2370934.
We continuously strive to keep administrative and fundraising costs associated with the operation of Wounded Warrior Project as low as possible. Based on our FY2006 ending on July 31, 2007 audited financial statements, $.79 of every dollar donated went to provide services and programs for our wounded warriors and their families."

Even as things "appear" to be slowing down in Iraq, all signs point to Afghanistan heating up. It is an unfortunate, but inevitable fact, that more of America's best and brightest will eventually become casualties in these wars. Do your part and continue to support them by giving to the Wounded Warrior Project. Every little bit helps.

You can visit the WWP website here to give your donation:

or direct to the donation link here:

I'll also provide the direct link below. Thanks ahead of time for your support of our wounded Veterans. We all owe them at least a little something in their time of need.


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