Story Teller

Story Teller
I am a Muslim. I believe there is no god but God. I believe God alone is God. I believe God has no partners. What you see is a soldier of God, the All Powerful. I stand before anyone who will listen and who wants to share the knowledge I have been given by God, the Most Gracious.

Wisdom is earned through sincerity.

I may not appear as the stereotypical Muslim woman of the media and public perception. Yet I am a Muslim and no one can say I am not. I may not follow the religion the way you chose to follow, yet I am still a Muslim. Only God, the All Knowing, knows the sins of my soul and what my body conceals and what my mind contemplates and what my mouth utters. Not a single one among you can judge me for my faith and that applies to us all.

Let he among us, who is sinless, cast the first stone.

Yet here I stand a submitter to God, the Witness, able to grasp the message from the author of the Quran. God, the Inspirer of Faith, allows those who read His words, with a sincere heart, to understand the meaning of the allegories and the secrets hidden within.

There is no mystery to those who know the truth.

I am in awe of God, the Almighty. His Greatness overwhelms me. I only have to look around me to see the wonder of God, the Shaper of Beauty. Everything that exists does so because God, the Creator said, “Be.” It is not difficult for God, the Sustainer, to do anything He wills, yet everything runs to His system. We think we are in control but we are not. Unless God, the Satisfier of all Needs, wills something to happen it never will.

The human being always wants what it does not need.

We are rarely grateful for the gifts bestowed upon us by our Lord God, the Giver of All. And only in times of undesirable circumstance do we call upon God, the Hearer of All, to save us from the situation we have placed ourselves in. Most of the human population lives without ever considering the consequences of their action. People want everything now, right this minute, exactly as they want it to be without any other expectations. Most people are often disappointed with what they actually get from life.

The human being always needs what it does not want.

An open mind means leaving aside everything you have previously learned in order to consider that there may be other possibilities. It is not hard to accept you are wrong when what replaces the error is more amenable to life and the way of thinking. God, the Sustainer, tells us that if we turn to Him alone and sever our dependence from everyone else, this will eliminate anything that bothers us. God, the Giver of All, gave us the brains, the ears and the eyes so that we may gain knowledge and wisdom. But it is down to each and every human being to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. You have been given free will, the freedom to choose your path.

Verify everything, do not accept conjecture.

We are told that no soul carries the burden of another soul and that we are responsible for our own sins. We are told that we shall be punished if we disobey God, the Judge, and rewarded if we obey God, the Compassionate. We are here on Earth because of our indiscretion while those in the High Society bathe in the wonder that is God, the Magnificent, and the Loving One.

Kill your ego.

Do not let your mind be the master of your soul. Do not let your heart rule your head. Consider every possible outcome; the cause and effect of your actions and remember God, the Watchful One, sees everything.

The Majestic One.

Every grain of sand is counted; every leaf that falls from a tree is seen by God, the Accounter. Every thought, every intention, every idea, every word spoken, every action, every outcome, is documented, recorded and maintained by shift of angels who carry out God, the Equitable One’s bidding without question or doubt. Nothing is left to speculation. Everything is accountable and accounted for.

Nourish your soul.

God, the Responder to Prayer, hears the prayer of worship to Him alone. Those who implore God, the Protecting Friend, will be shielded. Prayer brings you closer to God, the Guide to Repentance, who forgives all sins. Idolatry being the only unforgivable sin if maintained until the moment you die. Avoid Satan, to redeem your soul from its destiny in Hell, if you chose to follow his mindless path. He will desert you on the Day of Judgement.

You will stand alone.

There will be no intercession, no one will care about anyone else on the day we stand before God, the Owner of All. A day, that some wish will never come, and some wish would come tomorrow, a day that will come and to God, the Resurrector, we shall return.

Where our final destination is depends on how we spend our time on Earth. How the story ends is up to each of us. We are free to chose.

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