Is It Flip-Flopping or Changing Your Mind?

Is It Flip-Flopping or Changing Your Mind?
So when a politician changes their mind on something, is it really just that or is it flip-flopping? There is a big difference. Changing your mind generally means that you have given something more thought or something has happened that has caused you to rethink your stance or belief. We don’t usually think of that negatively.

However flip-flopping is a bit more wishy-washy. We tend to look at flip-floppers as those who either go with the majority or really have no clue.

It seems like almost every time a politician changes their views on something, they are accused of flip-flopping. The latest is President Obama who has changed his mind on some pretty significant things. In fact, many of the views he has held were what got him into office.

So now that he is in office and he is backtracking on some of them, would you consider that making an informed decision in which he has legitimately changed his mind or would you say he is a flip-flopper?

Let’s look at some specific examples. The “Nobel Peace Prize” winner once said that the Constitution doesn’t allow the kind of power where military actions can be taken if there is no real threat to our country.

Yet the attacks on Libya took place without any Congressional approval. And no, there was no real threat to the United States. It was cited as being a “humanitarian effort.” Some have proclaimed that President Obama should give back his peace prize.

What about Bush tax cuts, which he said he would get rid of for those who make over $250,000. Yet they still remain. What about the closing of Guantanamo? It remains open. And didn’t both President Obama and Eric Holder stand strongly on the fact that terrorists would not be tried by military tribunals? Yet they will be.

So is this flip-flopping? Or has President Obama come to his senses in some things or just plain gone the way in which he thinks he will stand a better chance at winning in 2012?

Now some people believe that Obama is compromising. Others believe he is failing to follow through on what he promised and others think he just doesn’t know what he is doing.

It seems to me that Obama is attempting to move toward the center. You please a little on the left, a little on the right and hopefully you strike a balance.

What really stands out to me however, is how his administration came down very hard on Bush’s administration and yet many of the things that Bush did, Obama is either continuing to do or doing it in an even larger measure.

Didn’t we hear for several months how his administration had “inherited” the nation’s debt? Yet Obama has caused it to balloon so much that we are about to see things burst. What about all the flack Bush got for going into a war that was based on a falsehood of weapons of mass destruction?

Hasn’t our involvement in Libya been pretty much a falsehood as well? We know this isn’t a humanitarian effort. At least, I think most of us have come to realize that.

I’m not entirely sure if Obama is a flip-flopper but one thing I do know, he is definitely starting to gear up his campaign mode.

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