How to Cure Gut Dysbiosis

How to Cure Gut Dysbiosis
In all cases of gut disorder one needs to work on correcting dysbiosis, that is, the disorder and imbalance of microbes that are found in the gut. This article will explain why probiotics like lactobacillus seem like they don’t work.

In all cases of gut disorder one needs to work on correcting dysbiosis, that is, the disorder and imbalance of microbes that are found in the gut. This article will explain why probiotics like lactobacillus seem like they don’t work.
Many cultures throughout the world have foods that deliver health providing microbes to the digestive tract. Even before bacteria were understood it was known that things that grew in food might be advantageous to eat. Yogurt, kefir and a wide variety of fermented vegetables have provided us with microbes that restore, heal and prevent disease.
These microbes are essential for not only producing necessary B vitamins, they keep the less desirable microbes from flourishing, overwhelming and causing disease. Bad microbes are around us and in us all the time. Keeping them in check is essential to good health and a healthy body will have complex macrobiotic life systems within that naturally do the work for us if we eat a natural diet filled with living and whole foods that have not been processed by factories.
All cases of irritable bowel, crohns, and even simple incidents of common diarrhea are the result of an invasion of bad microbes or microbes that have overgrown their welcome by becoming too prolific and which have invaded the wall of the gut causing significant distress and disease. With these conditions it is necessary to restore normal gut flora during whatever treatment you may be on, and most certainly if you are or have been taking antibiotics, as these destroy indiscriminately all flora, both good and bad. For many with these chronic gut conditions you will need to be working on this daily. The single most dangerous act to be done to the gut is found in the use of pharmaceutical drugs, most especially, antibiotics and steroids.
Often times establishing a new good microbiotic colony is difficult. These good microbes are challenged by an unfavorable terrain, other microbes that overwhelm them, incompatible diets, and insufficient application of the probiotics. Many supplements and good bacteria foods like yogurt are required and frequently during the day. The task of restoration often fails if you can’t keep up with the protocol, or if you select the wrong products that do not provide the live bacteria as stated on the package or if you eat a non-supportive diet. Generally a supplement protocol of only a week or two is not sufficient to re-establish new colonies of good bacteria in the gut, especially after antibiotic use.

There are two products I want to introduce you to which will establish good probiotic colonies in the gut. One is called VSL#3, which is a very high powered and potent culture of living good microbes containing lactic acid bacteria in the 450 billion range count, having the highest concentration available on the market. Multiple studies have shown studies that this product had been able to cure, not just abate or alleviate, but cure some cases of IBS. The downside of this product is that it is expensive.

If you should choose to use this product and I do highly recommend it and I have seen it in action with my clients in nutritional consultation, I strongly advise that you do everything that you can to facilitate the endurance of these micro-organisms in your gut. Avoidance of antibiotics is number one. Eating whole and natural foods is the other.

Like all living things, these micro-organisms need to eat. You can further facilitate their presence by feeding them what they like, and that which is not appealing to the disease causing microbes. NOW nutritional products, among other companies, makes just the thing for this. It’s called inulin. Inulin, known as a prebiotic, is a type of fiber and a carbohydrate that does not digest in the small intestine. Lactic acid probiotics like bifidobacteria and lactobacillus microbes thrive on inulin. NOW brand inulin is made from chicory root which has been used for digestive disorders for over 800 years. You will also be pleased to learn that inulin increases the absorption of calcium and an inulin byproduct called butyrate combined with fermentative processes from good bacteria which has been shown to reduce colon cancer risk.

So feed them a daily dose and they will work to keep the disease causing microbes in check. It will also make your investment in VSL#3 or whatever probiotic you choose an investment that will endure.

Natural foods that contain inulin are asparagus, onions, garlic, banana and artichoke. But if you need extra probiotic support and are actually deciding to use a probiotic produce use inulin in a supplement form to assure that the microbic colony that you are working to establish is well nourished. For some people high dosages of Inulin can cause abdominal distress with gas and bloating so adjust your dosage accordingly to prevent these symptoms. Any prebiotic product that contains insoluble fiber and fructooligosaccharides will be helful to a good colony growth of the correct micro-organisms.

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