Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Make Up

Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Make Up
They say the eyes are the window to the soul and beautiful looking eyes are an expression of the inner self. One approach to ensure your eyes become a focal point is learning how to do make up for eyes.

While the application of eye makeup can include a number of products, ranked among the more important is mascara. Often we see lashes with large clumps and smudges. These are things you want to avoid.

The intent of mascara is to make the lashes look longer and fuller and this is accomplished by apply mascara evenly which is done by placing the wand underneath the lashes and moving it slowly upward.

Slightly zigzagging the eyelash wand in a backward and forward motion while moving the wand upward also aids in an even application. Once this process has been completed, separated the lashes with a comb designed specifically for use on lashes. If time is short and you need to rush, try to be sure not to overcoat the wand with mascara.

And, cleaning the wand once a week is recommended. This eliminates excess mascara and is helpful in preventing any possible infection. The wand can be cleaned with either a makeup remover or in tepid water.

If you like wearing eye shadow, take a moment and evaluate the outline of your eye since different colors or shades will highlight or diminish the area. If you are trying to achieve an egg-shaped eye use a light colored tint along the area underneath the brow, a darker tint covering the middle eyelid area down to the lashes and complete the look with the darkest shadow in the center of the crease. Always blend all three colors together for a complete and totally sensational appearance.

Eye shadow can effectively create an illusion of eyes in various shapes. Lighter shades are used to pull the eye to the forefront, while darker tints diminish the eyes appearance.

If you have small eyes and want them to look larger, use a pale color over the entire eyelid, from brow to lash and to make them appear larger yet, add a darker shade at the eye's outer edge. If you would like to make your eyes appear smaller, covering the entire eyelid with a dark shade will do the trick.

For centuries, women have known how to do make up for eyes and have used this knowledge to accentuate their beauty. For example, sixty years ago the smoky look was created and has been popular off and on throughout the years.

Everyone admires eyes that are well defined and beautifully created by correctly utilizing makeup and it's a skill that's easy to learn.

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