Rainy Day Family Fun

Rainy Day Family Fun
If you and your small children are stuck in the house on a rainy day, don't despair. You can turn a bad day into a good one by having a rainy day picnic on your living room floor.

Rainy day floor picnics are fun for any number of people and two is just fine. All you need is a blanket to spread on the floor, sandwiches, fruit, dessert and milk or a soft drink. The child (or children) will love it. Use a blanket large enough for everyone to sit on. Use two if necesary.

Have fun making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or whatever sandwich is your child's favorite. Make 1 or 1/2 sandwich per person. Give a piece of fruit to each child. Tangerines or grapes are perfect picnic fruits for small hands. 10 grapes on the vine are just right for smaller hands. Now is a great time to get your little ones to eat carrot and celery sticks, you can add a couple of grape tomatoes too. Small boxes of raisins are just the right size for this kind of "eat healthy" fun. Juice boxes and an oatmeal cookie complete the rainy day picnic menu.

While the children are eating and enjoying their rainy day good fortune, you can read to them or have a fun family read-aloud with a favorite book. Ask questions, let the children read a page or a whole chapter. This is a perfect time to make reading fun and adventurous instead of a chore. You can encourage a nap after your picnic, however, this is a fine time to talk and share stories, you may learn something about your child that you did not know.

You can also play a board game, Monopoly is an excellent board game for older children and Monopoly Jr. is great for younger children. Whatever book or game you choose, be ready for giggles and silliness. Your children will not forget these very special rainy day picnics. If you don't want a picnic, there are other fun things and projects to check out. Do you remember dipping an ink pen or slim stick in lemon juice to write with invisible ink? Do you remember the secret of revealing the writing? It is all there in Joey Green's book Rainy Day Magic 443 Fun, Simple Projects to Do with Kids Using Brand-Name Products You've Already Got Around the House. This book has has dozens of fun and easy projects. Available at Amazon.com.

If you must have television, the University of Massachusetts Amherst has a wonderful Aesops Fables site for kids. These are very short stories, just one or two pages, with powerful life lessons. Some of the stories have a choice of the traditional version and the modern version of Aesop. The modern version is perfect for adults.

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