Heat Cars and Pets

Heat  Cars and Pets
On an 85-degree day the temperature inside your car, even if you have the windows cracked will rise to 120 degrees in only 20 minutes. Any animals left in a car even for a short time will die or suffer brain damage. I don't know how many times I have witnessed animals and children left in a car when the owner of the vehicle just "ran into the store to quickly pick something up."

If you witness such an event 911 and if the animal or child is in immediate danger break a window. If you have a pet (or child) don't leave an animal in a car even if it seems cool to you. Once the car is closed up, the sun turns the car into an oven. This can even happen in the winter! You figure it is ok if you park in the shade, the earth quickly rotates, and the car can end up in the sun quickly.

Animals, especially cold-blooded animals such as reptiles and amphibians, preventive care must be taken to protect them from the sun and heat. Have you considered your fish tank, how close is the proximity to a heat duct or direct sunlight? How hot does it get? Make sure you have a thermometer and monitor frequently.

Water can't be stressed enough. Pets need plenty of fresh water. Take a large glass of water and set it outside for 45 minutes. Now take a drink. Pretty nasty right? Keep changing your pet's water frequently.

Hermit crabs can become too hot in their own shell. Look carefully to make sure the extra shells you provide for your hermit crab are not real thick on the bottom. Little hermies (and big hermies) are very sensative to heat. Always make sure their habitate isn't in the sun. Make sure you have a thermometer to keep track of how hot it really is.

Ferrets are another animal that can become over heated very easily. They also don't do well in the cold. Rabbits are especially prone to death by heat.

I usually hear from pet owners when it is too late. There are many ways to prevent these tragedies. Think! Use your noodle while dealing with pets, traveling with pets, or pets in general especially the summer time.

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