Disaster Date

Disaster Date
Despite the instant happily-ever-after scenarios that sell an awful lot of false hope at the box office, it doesn’t take long to figure out that art doesn’t exactly imitate life nearly as much as the big screen would suggest. Of course there are those that happen to get lucky by finding exactly what they were looking for with relative ease but for the majority of singles immersed in the dating scene, such fortune is more of an exception than it is a rule. As a matter of fact, it is almost inevitable that at some point you will find yourself on the kind of date that makes a root canal sound like a great time. Being able to handle such situations with care and dignity is not always easy but since it would be likely to spare both you and your date from future misunderstandings that could make things even more awkward, it is probably worth the effort.

Ending a date that has turned out to be a total disaster requires a certain level of tact since it is rather likely that your date’s feelings will be hurt. This is especially difficult in situations where your date seems oblivious to the fact that the two of you are not hitting it off but before you try to make an escape through the bathroom window, make an effort to end the date as honestly and cordially as possible. Following are couple of suggestions on how to accomplish this:

  • Be direct - The worst thing you can do on a disaster date is to try and spare your date’s feelings by pretending to have a great time. If you are not feeling a romantic connection, say so. It is better to be brutally honest than it is to lead someone on or give a sense of false hope.

  • Be sensitive - Even though the truth does often hurt, there is a big difference between being honest and being mean. Recognize the difference and try to avoid adding insult to injury by being rude or insensitive. Keep in mind that your date will likely be feeling the infamous sting of rejection and treat him/her the way you would like to be treated in that situation.

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