The Planets of the Week

The Planets of the Week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, the days go by and we go about our business. We focus on our daily activities, jobs, shopping and relationships. Most people do not think about Astrology on a daily basis, at least they don’t think they do.

To our ancestors, the planets and their placements were of utmost importance. The planets and their associated deities were so important, to the ancients, that they named a day of the week for each, planet. Taking a look at our modern calendar, we can see that the ancient Romans are still influencing our contemporary days.

The first day of the week is obviously named for the Sun. The largest and brightest thing in the sky, it is fitting that the very first day of the week be named to honor the Sun. ‘Let there be light’. Many people today, reserve Sunday as their day off; keeping it as a bright spot in their week. Sunday is a good day to spend time outdoors soaking up the sun’s rays.

Monday or moon-day is named for the brightest light in our nighttime sky. Since the moon is the ruler of our emotions, we tend to focus on our feelings more on Monday than on any other day of the week.

Tuesday is Mars-day. Mars is the masculine, active energy in our lives; it is dominant and assertive. Because of the outgoing nature of Mars, Tuesday is a good day to get things done. Studies have shown that in the business world, more work gets done on Tuesday than on any other day of the work week.

In the middle of our week, we have Mercury’s day, Wednesday. This is the best day of the week for communication. Returning phone calls, writing speeches, holding meetings are all tasks suited for Wednesday.

Thursday is named for the lucky planet, Jupiter. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter exerts more influence on us than any other planet in our sky. (Except of course the sun and moon which are considered luminaries.) Decisions made on Thursdays will tend to have greater impact than those made on other days.

Friday is, of course, named for Venus, the goddess of love. It’s no wonder that Friday night is date night. Under the influence of Venus, we are receptive to amorous feelings. Venus is a lover not a worker, and she reminds us of that each Friday afternoon as we anxiously watch the time clock.

Finally, rounding out our week is Saturn’s day. Saturn is the planet of self-reliance. Having successfully completed another work week, we tend to feel confident and self-assured. This positive attitude helps us to enjoy our weekend and will help us faces the challenges of the coming week.

What about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto? These planets were unknown to our ancestors, back when the week was defined. If they had known of the outer planets, perhaps our calendar would have 36½ ten day weeks instead of 52¼ seven day weeks.

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