Iodine for Total Health

Iodine for Total Health
This website is dedicated to gastro-intestinal issues. In order for such a myrid of disease conditions to be fully addressed all must be done that can be done to bring the body to its optimum state of health. Underlying GI disorders related to nutritional deficiencies abd they must be recognized and dealt with and much of this you can do at home. On occasion it is best to seek the help of a well educated physican in nutritional applications. In this case you must seek an iodine literate doctor, especially if you have a thyroid disorder.

This article is based on the works of Drs. Flechas, Abraham, Brownstein and Eskin. Dr Abraham, as a former professor of gynecology, obstretics and endocrinology at the UCLA School of Medicine, has done extensive research into iodine and iodine therapy. The other listed physicians have accompanied him in studies and also done independent research.

The collective results of their work clearly indicate that the human body needs at least 12.5 mg of iodine a day to prevent hypothyroidism, goiter, breast cancer, prostate cancer, to maintain normal hormonal function, to detoxify mercury and other toxic halogens such as fluoride, bromide, chlorine and astertide.

Research into iodine deficiency is not new.
Many parts of the body require iodine aside from the thyroid. All hormone glands are reliant on sufficient iodine. A deficinent state will push these organs into states of malfunction and potential and eventual disease.

Currently one in seven women in the United states will get breast cancer. Look around you. These are women you know, your mothers, your sisters, for friends, perhaps yourself. One of the leading risk factor in breast cancer is fibrocystic breast disease, either mild or severe. These doctors have proven time and again that a 2 to 6 month protocol of iodine therapy can cure the most severe cases of fibrocystic breast disease. Treatments for this condition such as hormonal therapy does not address the cause of this disease. It only seems to appear to help because the hormonal glands need support abd when extra hormones are applied the condition seems to improve somewhat. What is really needed is iodine support to the hormonal glands and breast tissue directly.

Studies indicate that the prostate gland also concentrates and uses a lot of iodine. Both of these cancer rates have been increasing in numbers over the last 30 years. The research of Dr Eskin shows that the female breast needs at least 5mg of iodine a day. More may be required based on size and weight of the individual. In nations with elevated iodine consumption the rates of prostate and breast cancer are significantly lower and this has been clearly seen in Japan where diets are high in iodine daily.

Essentially the American diet has little to no iodine. Iodized salt provides only a fraction of the necessary iodine required for health. Just enough to keep goiter away but not enough to promote full systemic health. Many Americans do not even use iodized salt, which provides 150mcg a day. Remember 12.5 mg a day miniumum is required for health.

Hormonal glands that concentrate and utilize iodine daily are the thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testes, pituitary, thymus and pineal glands. Recent research has demonstrated that these glands, if in a deficient iodine state, will store toxic elements such as fluoride and bromide at the iodine receptor sites, as they share a similar chemical structure. These elements cause a hardening and malfunction of the gland. When these glands are impaired the immune response and cabibilities of the whole body are diminished which can lead to increased susceptibility to infections, exscebated gut issues, and the development of cancers.

Because breast tissue utilizes the iodine form of the mineral and that the thyroid utilizes the iodide form the products of Lugol’s iodine or iordoral are recommended. I personally use Lugol’s as it is less expensive. Some people have a hard time taking it do to the taste but if you put it in apple juice or mint tea there is no problem. Up to 4 drops in a glass of water has minimal taste. Do not mix iodine with vitamin c or juices with added vitamin c as it will neutralize it.

If you have Hasimoto's disease or hyperthyroid you should seek out an iodine literate physician for assistance in supplementing with iodine as these conditions are more complex. Those with common hypothyroidism can often start their own supplementation program. Do not do it without fully educating yourself. You will need to check your thyroid hormone levels and adjustment of thyroid hormone drugs may be required by your physician. I will provide starting links to further your educational process at the end of the article.

In my opinion almost everyone in the United States and Europe needs to supplement with iodine.

With my personal use of iodine I have eliminated benign cysts of the thyroid and fibrocystic breast disease. My personal physician told me that she knows of several cases of breast cancer cured with iodine therapy alone.

The Many Uses and Benefits of Iodine

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The Universal Nutrient by Dr. Abraham

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