Where Arkansas's Ghosts Live

Where Arkansas's Ghosts Live
There are many ghost or haunt stories and legends in the hills of Arkansas. The most notable of these are the apparitions of the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.

The Crescent Hotel has numerous haunt tales and ghosts. Even the guests have reported sightings of these visitors among the halls at night and in particular rooms. As the building was under construction an Irish stone mason, named Michael, fell to his death from the general area of what is now room 218.

The building has had many past uses though it started out as an opulent Victorian hotel. In 1908 it became a College and Conservatory for young women; later it was used as a Junior College from 1930-1934, also for women. The staff tells a tale of a young woman who jumped from the top balcony to her death in the 1930’s and her ghost is seen in the balcony area often by both staff and visitors.

However, the darkest period for the building was when it was transformed into a hospital for cancer patients in 1937 by a Dr. Norman Baker. He was not really a doctor and many people died there. He was later tried and convicted of fraud and sent to Federal prison. Room number 419 is Theodora’s room and she has made her presence known to many of the visitors. Another of the areas that are very active in the hotel from that time period is the hallways. Many staff and visitors have seen an apparition of a nurse pushing a gurney down the halls just to vanish into thin air. The basement was used as a morgue at that time and many paranormal phenomenon have been witnessed there as well.

The building sat empty for many years after the hospital scandal until it was restored back to its original purpose and opulence in 1946 and that is still how it appears today.

The 1905 Basin Park Hotel is located in Eureka Springs and is the Crescent Hotel’s sister hotel. It is also known for its haunted rooms and ghostly visits. Haunted tours are also given there but are not as well known for these occurrences as the Crescent. The Crescent has certainly stolen the limelight in this small town, perhaps because of the seedy history and scandal surrounding the hotel during its stint as a hospital.

These hotels have been studied by scientists, psychics and mediums for authenticity. It has been verified that the experiences that have been reported have merit. So, if you are looking for ghostly communication Eureka Springs is the place to find it. They have special haunted tours throughout the year but especially cater to events during the most popular haunting season of Halloween.

The Crescent Hotel sits high upon the hill overlooking the town of Eureka Springs and is wonderful to behold during the day, but I will pass on the meet and greet of ghostly companions by night.

The Queen Anne House Bed and Breakfast located in Harrison, Arkansas is another resident haunt. Visitors have reported voices of children playing in the front yard and there were none present at the time. Things move without human aid, footsteps and voices have been heard in the wee hours of the night. Most report that they always feel like someone is watching them. Rocking chairs move with no one in them. Nonetheless, no one has ever felt threatened and feel they are friendly spirits. The owner shares an experience of waking up at night to see a man sitting in the chair by the bed. When he realized she was looking at him and was awake he disappeared.

The 1906 Rush-Gates House in Forrest City has reported its share of paranormal activity. It is now the Francis County Museum and hosts “A Night at the Museum” tour several times a year. If you check with the museum you can secure a schedule of these special tour opportunities.

The Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas is another 1906 vintage structure and is quite impressive. It boasts the title of “The Most Haunted House in America”. It’s a true haunted love story. The society belle, Ladell Allen Bonner, who mysteriously committed suicide in the master bedroom suite of her home in 1948, was in love with Prentiss Hemingway Savage. The room was sealed off after her death and never opened until 1985. In August of 2009, eighty two letters were discovered under the floorboards in the attic of the home. They were the love letters between the star struck lovers and tells the tale of Ladell’s reason behind the apparent suicide. Mark Spencer, the present owner of the home, has written a book about this tragic love story and the reasons Ladell haunts the house still today.

That’s just a few of the many haunted houses and places in the state of Arkansas. When you are looking for place to visit with a haunted spirit you have to look no farther than this south central USA state to find some of the most active areas for paranormal activity.

A Haunted Love Story : The Ghosts of the Allen House

The Scent of Lilacs : Based on the Allen House (Kindle Edition)

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