MazeFinger - iPod Touch

MazeFinger - iPod Touch
MazeFinger is a fun game with a simple premise. A maze is shown on the screen and you trace it with your finger. With a timer and other challenges, soon this gets to be quite challenging!

The game comes in sets of mazes. There is an overall time limit for each set so if you go slowly on maze 1 it makes it much more challenging to finish mazes 2-5 in time. You need to go as quickly as you can on all mazes in a set to get through the entire set.

Sometimes you encounter a power up which in essence increases your available time. Other times you run into a temporary wall, which interrupts your progress and makes you wait a moment. If you're not paying attention this can really jam up your progress!

The game goes for a "snazzy" type of atmosphere, with glowing blue-purple electric lines for the timer and a yelled out "Awesome!" each time you get a maze done really well.

This game is all about finger skill. There aren't "alternate paths" to worry about, or any complex thinking. It's all about tracing the thin line with your finger as quickly as humanly possible, avoiding the wall-blocks, and reaching that finish line. If you have thick fingers or shaky fingers you probably wouldn't enjoy this game.

On the other hand, if you are trying to build up your dexterity then this game could be quite helpful. It will help you focus on what you are doing and maintain a tight control over your fingers in a fun environment.

Plus, it's free! It's always nice to have free games on your system.

There are interesting achievements to aim for - get to level 5, get to level 10 and so on. However there isn't any customization at all. I'd like to be able to change the color of the maze, or the sounds it makes, or *something*. The "awesome" is cute at first, but after a while it does get to be a bit much.

Still, that is only a minor complaint. The game is relatively fun, good for your fingers, and an easy way to pass a few minutes while you're waiting in line for a burger. Well recommended.

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