The Teen Code : How to Talk to Them about Sex, Drugs, and Everything Else--

The Teen Code : How to Talk to Them about Sex, Drugs, and Everything Else--
The Teen Code : How to Talk to Them about Sex, Drugs, and Everything Else--Teenagers Reveal What Works Best
by Rhett Godfrey, Neale S. Godfrey
Publisher: Rodale Books; May 7, 2004

I had originally planned to write this review in early August. After reading THE TEEN CODE I knew how I felt about this enlightening no-holds-barred book; however, I was sure that my view would be far from that of a teen who read it. I was pleased to find that teens who read THE TEEN CODE do share my view. This book is a winner, it helps to open dialogue between parent and child.

I needed a couple of teenagers to read this wonderful expressive book that was written by teenaged author Rhett Godfrey and Neale S. Godfrey (his mom). Godfrey, along with other teens, opened up to express their thoughts and views about everything from their need for privacy to what they think about sex. The reason for the delayed review is that I asked five teens to read the book and tell me what they thought. I found out that they not only read THE TEEN CODE but discussed it among themselves and it was still being passed around. This was something I had not anticipated. One of the quotes from my book reviewers is "You know that guy who wrote this book -- well, he's all right -- he told the truth." I have to agree. Young author Rhett Godfrey is indeed "all right, he told the truth."

In his acknowledgments, Mr. Godfrey thanked his family and everyone else who helped to make this book happen, he even apologizes to a friend for a wrecked trampoline. Godfrey also talks about the incident that led the way to publishing of this book. THE TEEN CODE has only seven chapters but these seven chapters are what molds a child's life for good or bad. Some of the subjects are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, privacy; money and more. These are serious subjects for teens 13 to 19 years old. Some responses are so innocent "You can only get AIDS if you are gay." Some are wise beyond young years, "I knew we were having money problems . . . going to file for bankruptcy, Talking about downsizing to a smaller house was scary, but at least I knew that . . . didn't mean we would be sleeping in the street."

One of the things I liked best about this book is that it feels like a round table discussion where teens have been promised they can say whatever it is they are thinking and feeling and will not be punished for it. One ribbon of thought that runs throughout the book is that communicating with your teen by talking and listening to him or her is a must for a healthy parent child relationship.

I asked a set of twins to read THE TEEN CODE and while they were still close by I heard one say with a giggle, "It's about S-E-X," So it appears that some teens will read Chapter 3 first, as my young friends did. It does not matter which chapter you start with, THE TEEN CODE is an eye-opener for teens as well as adults.

Highly Recommended.

The Teen Code: How to Talk to Them about Sex, Drugs, and Everything Else--Teenagers Reveal What Works Best

Rhett Godfrey wrote THE TEEN CODE with his mother, Neale S. Godfrey, author of "MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES." Now, how many times has a parent had to say that to a kid?

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